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Naija meets France: Agbalumo & Mango Tarte Tatin

by on February 24, 2015

On an eternal quest for Nigerian desserts and a love for all things French, this was birthed.

I have always wanted to bake with Agbalumo, and I’ve succeeded – I’ve made pancake puffs and leather, and now this. 

This isn’t the first Tarte Tatin, I’ve made – I’ve done a few with pears and ginger, both plain and red wine-poached (gorgeous), and apples but this is the first that leaned towards Naija and its peculiar fruit.

This is an upside-down bake. Fruits in-lay caramel and butter, which gets capped by puff pastry. Then it bakes and is flipped to reveal beautiful, shiny caramelised fruit on crisp, golden pastry. 


Well, in an ideal world. 

So what if the results aren’t what I wanted…, it made for a nice experiment. Some proclaimed ‘tasty’, like Alex, friend of my daughters. 

Others ‘Delish’.

I thought it interesting. 

You begin with butter and sugar


To which some add crushed cardamom seeds


Agbalumo segments, peeled and left to macerate in orange juice and sugar overnight are gingerly laid down


Because I don’t have enough, mangoes fill in the gaps


And a little more caramel magic happens


Amongst the last steps is covering with a round of puff pastry, chilled – to maximise the rise and crisping, and pricked too


Barely half an hour later, gold emerges. In my case, something that resembles a pandowdy, or swamp pie – the crust soaked in sweet juices


The end – a beautiful marriage of Nigerian fruits in season – mangoes & agbalumo


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