How To Make Some Kind of Peanut Brittle

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 29, 2015
Making toppings for desserts like brittles and pralines are relatively easy. They involve nuts and caramel. But easy doesn’t mean you should hurry through the process which might lead to ‘caring less’, it means a few steps with utmost care to accomplish great results. Brittle is a type of confection consisting of flat broken pieces […]

Salted Agbalumo Caramels

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 25, 2015
If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Whether that be in love or toffee. No, I don’t give up that easily. Where powdered milk and glucose wouldn’t do the trick to form a delightful Agbalumo toffee, cream, maple syrup and light corn syrup did. While I applaud my genius and […]

Fail: Agbalumo Toffee

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 12, 2015
Today, I have three stories & recipes to share on and with Agbalumo – Success with a delicious chutney, A’yt with nice enough cake and outright Fail. Here. With this. Sigh. I’m comfortable with the fact that not all my ideas will succeed, not everything will go as planned. I was so hopeful about this […]

How to Cook with Angostura Bitters & Other Sentiments

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 5, 2015
I reach for her when a sweet and spicy combination requires a little something something, you know what I mean? Sometimes you need that additional flavor undernote when what you’re working with seems a little one-dimensional. Something to round it off nicely, sort of like orange zest would. Sort of…  but not quite. I refer […]

Naija meets France: Agbalumo & Mango Tarte Tatin

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 24, 2015
On an eternal quest for Nigerian desserts and a love for all things French, this was birthed. I have always wanted to bake with Agbalumo, and I’ve succeeded – I’ve made pancake puffs and leather, and now this.  This isn’t the first Tarte Tatin, I’ve made – I’ve done a few with pears and ginger, both […]

Croquembouche for Christmas Brunch

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 26, 2013
He is adamant about not wanting to have any buns, the first time we try them. We don’t get why. Oh well, he can be weird sometimes, our D. We sit at the table, bound by brunch. Feasting.

Technique: How to Brulee, without Broiler or Blowtorch

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 13, 2013
Are you like me? With a temperamental broiler in your kitchen/oven? The net effect of which is no broiling? Without a blow torch for reasons of border control and air travel rules & regulations? Yet with a deep desire to crack a sugar glass crust? Specifically creme brûlée, restaurant-style…….in your own kitchen. Never has burnt […]

Chunky Meyer Lemon Caramel Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 16, 2013
We all are replicas of other people, living in some other place. With similar thoughts. And wonders….and even actions. Take Janet and I – twins in our desire for Meyer Lemon Caramel. One afternoon, I sat at my office desk. I’m not sure what prompted me, but thoughts of golden, citrus-flavoured caramel were swirling around in […]

The Preview to St Patrick’s Day: Guinness Caramel Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 16, 2013
Guinness on my mind. For I am seeking ‘things I have in common with….’ The Irish. You know, in honour of Paddy. And his day. And one of those things would be Guinness. (PS: Dark chocolate and coffee lovers will adore this sauce. More on that later) And Nigeria would be the first country outside […]