Reasons to Believe: Happy Macaron Day

Imagine that? A day celebrating the delicate beauties that ‘macarons’  are?

Not that I’ve attempted them recently……but I still love ’em, with heart and soul.

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Dutch Queen's Day Macarons

In Paris, where holidays are done right, it’s Jour du Macaron, and about eight hours ago, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren woke up singing a lovely song about pastel-colored magic then promptly flooded les rues with their best patisserie-heat-seeking game in tow. 

This is a reason to believe, there’s room for everything in this world, a space, a slot, a worthy corner for cupcakes, and whoopie pies, tray bakes and macarons too!

Mexican Chocolate Macarons with Chillies

I say ‘God created the world, But Ladurée  and Pierre Hermé  ‘created’ Macarons’

This crazy holiday of all holidays was created by the Yoda of the modern macaron, Pierre Hermé

I doff my heart X X X


Did I say Happy Spring? Lots of beauty, sunshine and laughter….and rain to refresh things a touch!

Broken, but not abandoned

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  1. I think that these are some of the most beautiful treats out there, now. I have tried making them, myself but they never turn out as good as the store bought ones. I can not wait to try this new recipe that you have shared with me. I hope for the best. I love your web style. Lots of pictures really make the blog fun and pleasing to the eye.

  2. Thanks for all your comments. This post made me long to make macarons again but in the heat that is Nigeria…I wonder how successful they would be. Saying that though, I have air-conditioning in the kitchen so maybe….I might, just might give it a go!

  3. I have never even attempted making a macaron, dear Oz, but I truly admire the ones you’ve made. 🙂 I love them too. They make me think of fall days in Paris, long walks in the sunshine. 🙂

  4. HA…the Yoda of the macaron, I love it! I would have to agree with that assessment, one bit of one of his Ispahan macarons and you would agree too.

  5. Alas the macoron is still on my list of must try to conquer. I have yet to taste one, perhaps if I had I would be more motivated to make them? Although a day late, Happy Macaron Day!

  6. What a lovely hoilday! I just mastered Macaron making and am delighted with my little treasures! Learning the Italian meringue method has been inspiring and a boost in to my confidence.

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