Reasons to Believe: Happy Macaron Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 20, 2012
Imagine that? A day celebrating the delicate beauties that ‘macarons’  are? Not that I’ve attempted them recently……but I still love ’em, with heart and soul. Click on each photo to get to the ‘relevant’ recipe/post In Paris, where holidays are done right, it’s Jour du Macaron, and about eight hours ago, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren […]

Mac-a-misu and other ‘misu desserts

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 29, 2010
I’ve loved it…and hated it, with a passion!

Dutch Queen’s Day Macarons

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 13, 2010
God created the world But the Dutch created Holland (Descartes or Voltaire, I can’t find out for sure who!) Of course I have my own saying to add….. God created the world, But Ladurée  and Pierre Hermé  ‘created’ Macarons (This is all me!)

Chocolate and Raspberry Macaron Mess

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 12, 2010
Macaron buddies, if you’ve ever had disasters whilst macaron-making; this is your moment of joy! Look no further for you will no longer have to bin them or eat them grudgingly or be annoyed at how cracked up they are.