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Mexican Chocolate Macarons and Hot Choccie

by on March 13, 2010

I’d given up completely…..

IMG_8168…on ever making macarons. Certainly not this weekend.

The damn things. Its not as if I love them anyway.

IMG_8163But that was till 3pm today when I saw some egg whites in the freezer.

And then I changed my mind.

IMG_8096I’d given up on ‘catching’ up with the Mexican stop of Foodalogue.

It was the first place on the tour .

Except I wasn’t part of the tour then.

But deep in my heart, I hate ‘partial’ completions.

It has to be completely complete.

IMG_8121In the meantime, my digital scale is ‘broken’.

I mistakenly, absentmindedly rinsed it.Under a running tap…..

Silly right?

So I used a measuring jug to mete out the ingredients for the macarons.

I knew it would fail.

The egg whites, I defrosted, aided by the microwave…for 10 seconds.

It almost cooked my eggs.

IMG_8074I had to add another egg white…and because the whites weren’t aged, I lost some whilst sieving.

I continued regardless.

I made the syrup for the meringue and I just eyeballed it – no thermometer, no nothing.

What the heck, if it fails, I’ll just call it Mexican cookies.


No one ever has to know they were meant to be macs.

Afterall, no one sent me on any errand.

Choices, choices.

IMG_8045I made them and you know what, everything went well.

As I sift the icing sugar and oven-dried almonds, I remember what Pam said about part of my last mac mixture being a paste.

And Mimi too.

This time, I made sure that didn’t happen. I made the egg white- almond-icing sugar mixture somewhat fluid.

I add some mexican chocolate – crushed and ground and well sieved.

IMG_8069For I fancy a bit of spice in my tummy tonight.

I pipe the mixture onto my silicone mat.

Its a bit runny. Some macs make friends and merge with one another.

IMG_8077I always produce monster macs, this time will be no exception.

I put it in the oven and I see the feet.

I’m surprised. Shocked. And mighty glad.


Out they come and I get my act together, whipping up some Mexican hot chocolate.

In the pan goes some milk, and dried red chilli. I throw in some rose petals, to usher in spring!

It is the season afterall…

IMG_8054I add two tablets of ‘Abuelita’ and let it melt.

Then out comes my Molinillo.

IMG_8098I whisk it till the mix is frothy.

IMG_8110 IMG_8143IMG_8133 IMG_8092

And pour it into my mug.

I top it with some whipped cream as I get ready to ‘sandwich’ my macarons.

IMG_8099In this home, we do not believe that Macs taste better the day after.

We are not fanatical about the mac filling either.

Our standard can of whipped cream works a treat every time.


Forgive us, we’re not French.

I squirt some cream onto one half…and I do these for the regular and the figure-of-8 macs (which the husband receives).

IMG_8150 IMG_8151

I top it with chilli seeds, spread those all around. I need my sweet and hot.

IMG_8137I place the twin over the top and then I eat……

While one daughter decorates hers with blue edible glitter, shows it to me and insists I take a photo and blog about it, my almost 3 year old son (who knows macarons like he knows pancakes) runs between the living room and the kitchen.

IMG_8172Eating mac after mac after mac!

Daughter #2 can’t be bothered, she’s ambivalent on the matter of macarons.

I have some, dipped in my fragrant hot chocolate;

Perfumed with rose petals.

They add a touch of ‘Persia’ to my Mexican delight.

The hot chocolate is amazing. Rich. Smooth. Scented.

IMG_8115And my Mexican chocolate macs? Superb.

Delish. A confirmation to me.

Macs will not ‘snub’ me or be ‘hottie tottie’

They can be conquered….without a scale.


I love you Mexico.

This is heading to the MacTweets “Spring Fling: Be inspired by your favorite spring flowers.” Plus its Jour du Macaron soon…..I won’t be here though….

logo macattacklogo-macaron

Yep, another mention for Barbados!

My favourite flowers are roses. And tulips and Poppies and many, many more. What are yours?

Also, this is heading too to Joan of Foodalogue. Yes I know Mexico is done and dusted but, I had to do it anyway!

IMG_8153Till tomorrow……yep. Tomorrow. I have a challenge to fulfill, albeit it……tomorrow shall tell![wpurp-searchable-recipe]Mexican Chocolate Macarons and Hot Choccie – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]