Dulce de Leche….a la Microwave

Did you guess that I was the ‘Hurry up’ type?  Ok, yes I have elements of ‘Please others’ and ‘Be perfect’……but my main driver is ‘Rush, rush, rush’!

IMG_2230I hate to ‘waste’ a minute of my time:

I always have plans….for the weekend;
A list of things to buy;
And I always have something or the other, I need to check on Google, like Raven’s test.

Do you wonder that I make mistakes?

Like buying a jar of mixed berry jam, when what I wanted was strawberry – they look the same but…..
Or picking a pack of Fennel tea instead of my Twinings Lemon and Ginger?
Or….stupidly getting a tin of Evaporated milk (when I should have purchased Condensed), boiling it for 2 hours, leaving it overnight to cool and opening it up in the morning to find bronzed, liquid milk….and not Dulce de Leche! Though to be honest, in this case, it worked out for good because I ended up being a tad bit creative and making caramel curd…….

IMG_2150So, henceforth, I’m determined to get it right.

I’ll read labels twice, and slow down.

I’ll relax and not rush……even when time is racing by.

I will be patient, ’cause when I am……everything comes together beautifully. Like this microwave Dulce de Leche! Ready in a few minutes……

First of all, ensure you get the right kind of milk…..Condensed. Apparently Evaporated milk is the same….without sugar and so no caramelising takes place when used. Beware, Hurry ups!

IMG_2155Then, find a good recipe, like I did, being sure to note that Microwave ovens differ, and if you follow the recipe exactly like I did…..and if your microwave is like mine…..disaster may result…..so be judicious with your timings!

MICROWAVE: Pour 1 can (14 oz.) CARNATION Sweetened Condensed Milk into large microwave-save bowl. Cook on MEDIUM (50%) power for 4 minutes, stirring halfway through heating time. Reduce power to MEDIUM-LOW (30%) power; cook for 8 to 12 minutes, stirring with wire whisk every few minutes, until thick and light caramel-colored.

Note: Microwave ovens may vary; adjust timing accordingly.

It really doesn’t involve that much…..

At least it shouldn’t!

Save for if, like me this is your first time…..and you’re just halfway through the second round of heating (8 – 12 minutes)…..and you trust that you can stand by and not check after a few minutes.

IMG_2168 IMG_2174IMG_2175 IMG_2185

You just might be wrong…..

As I was.

And what started out not requiring a lot of work…..ended up in a bit of a cleaning episode.

IMG_2177But that did little to deter me. I was going to see the end of this….just so I would know if it really worked!

Of course after this rather bubbly punctuation and eruption, I took my time……and proceeded slowly till minutes later, I had this nice and bubbly, rather odd looking mixture in my bowl.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT0luAxaS1c&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0xcc2550&color2=0xe87a9f]

‘Should I be afraid?’ I asked myself…..but a few seconds of stirring…

IMG_2202 IMG_2205

And the most delicious, golden coloured dulce de leche emerges……nice and smooth!


And exciting me way beyond what mere words can explain…..


I think I overcooked it a bit though…..for this is a rather thick mix…..but then I consider myself blessed….that I didn’t loose all the milk (….especially as I only bought 1 tin!)….and I have confirmed that this is a far more valuable test – one which has numerous returns , especially reducing the cooking time!

IMG_2213So, once it was ready, I got out a clean jar,  and proceeded to fill it…..licking up bits along the way.


And making plans to do some more cleaning……


I’ve stashed it in the refrigerator…..and have been dragging pieces of it out of the jar…like toffee.

IMG_2225And boy, boy, boy……why must I refer to my foods as men? But this is one hot……dude.

And I have serious plans for him: like say….a Chilli Chocolate sorbet with salted dulce de leche chunks…..


I’ll let you know how it goes…..when it does.

In the meantime, I am slowing down…..and taking things easy.


IMG_2228 IMG_2223 IMG_2231

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Dulce de Leche….a la Microwave – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Excellent looking DDL! I tried doing something similar but I think I cooked it for too long as it turned out candy like

  2. Made it! I used two cans of condensed milk (one regular and one skim), because I had them in the pantry, and upped the cooking times slightly – 6 mins on 50% (stirring every 2 mins) and 14 mins on 30% (stirring all the time!). It worked brilliantly – thanks for inspiring me to try again, Oz! 🙂

  3. I do the same things u do! always buying hte wrong things of 4getign to buy htat one thing ,…. as bad as my typing ^^ the pics are killing me…i just want to lick! ^^ happy valentiens OZ!

  4. I love reading your posts. You made me laugh again! 🙂 At the beginning of your post I was thinking: “this is a great idea for saving time while making a dulce de leche…”. Than I continued reading and I was thinking: “no no, I would end up exactly the same as Oz)!” 🙂 I will give it a try anyway as I fell in love with DDL 🙂

  5. I love this post 🙂 We have much in common, I am frequently a Hurry Up and I love using the microwave for shortcuts. Dulce de leche has always deterred me because I’ve been afraid of boiling the can, but this sounds very quick and do-able. Your step by step pics are fabulous! Emjoy yourdown time.

  6. I am going to get a cup of coffee and then come back and read this post again in depth. Because the first time I tried this, it was such a disaster that I wrote off the idea completely. But as always, dear Oz, your photos are soooo persuasive! 🙂

    • Trissa – no shame…..at all. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I am really slowing down too…..this year I’ve noticed I’m much more relaxed. I will get there :-0

      Clarity….you’re welcome!

      Christine – welcome back. I don’t regret trying it. Let me know how it goes!

      My spatula – thanks

      Stella, I’m good. Thanks dear!

      Celia dear…enjoy it and don’t bin the idea completely. Another try….a bit slower just might yield the goods!

  7. Hi Ozoz, I hope you are doing well. Looks like it! Yum, that looks delicious. My microwave is kind of on its last leg, but I actually might try this before it goes on to the next realm!

  8. You darling,

    I can’t believe I haven’t visited since you posted your lovely comment chez mine.

    Thank you for showing me what I’ve been missing, one hot…. Dulce de Leche

  9. Fantastic idea! There’s no shame in using a microwave and I think making dulce de leche is a perfect reason. And yes, you do need to slow down and smell the roses once in awhile… and read labels! 🙂

    • Jasmine, you’re welcome
      Lorraine – Yep, mine is almost at that stage but I will make this again…..for sure!

      Natasha – Thanks

      Tuty – I agree – I love quick and ready! Thanks for the photo compliments

      Cherine….must confess it is yummy too!

  10. How neat! I thought boiling the can of condensed milk in a pot of water was a pretty cool trick, but that sure take a while even if there’s no work involved. I like this recipe – so quick, awesome.

  11. OMG, I love dulce the leche, and this is SO tempting!
    Thanks 4 visiting my blog, I’m so glad I know yours now 🙂 I’m adding you to my blogroll as soon as maybe 🙂

  12. I’ve heard of people doing this but never actually met someone who did! You brave lady. 🙂 It looks SO creamy and delicious. Mmmmm

  13. Ozoz i am beginning to get the feeling you have a sweet tooth 🙂 i love dulce de leche slathered on toast. mmmm that clean up was probably a right old pain in the bum, but the photo looked beautiful! i dont have a microwave (ya ya ya i know, people think it’s a silly principle) but inshallah when we have a fam, methinks it shall become a necessity, so i am going to file this away amazing recipe of yours- in my head for that day. xo shayma
    ps this can also be eaten straight out of the jar, with just a spoon, right? 🙂

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