Gelukkig Chinees Nieuw Jaar…..

…which is Happy Chinese New Year, in Dutch.

Just to share some photos of the celebrations in The Hague

IMG_4301 IMG_4325IMG_4324 IMG_4333

Children singing Chinese songs….


And women in vibrant colours of orange and green!

IMG_4262 IMG_4258

Lovely red Chinese lanterns…..with gay decorations


And a super stunning red dress!


A captive audience….


To celebrate the start of the ‘Year of the Tiger’.


And what an adorable way for this new year to start…..


Ushered in by this little princess….in red!

IMG_4351 IMG_4348IMG_4347 IMG_4352

I must confess this was almost devoid of foodie delights……and this was how close I came to food during the festivities. A print…..


Oh well, life goes on. There was a small market on in Chinatown….


…with all sorts on display: Tea… be expected;


Workshops: Sand art;

IMG_4392 IMG_4391



And birds.


And of course….these famous  waving cats…..or Tigers? I don’t know what the story behind them is though…so, enlighten me as needed!


See that haze in the first photo? It is the cloud of fireworks………..

IMG_4403 IMG_4411IMG_4414 IMG_4406

And you only need to see the red ‘carpet’ on the ground……….to imagine the cacophony of firework sounds!


We had a great time, walking the streets…..and as you would expect, dinner was take  away.

Yes, Chinese….and sorry you can’t see any of those….too hungry to photograph and share.

IMG_4433 IMG_4444

Happy Chinese New Year!

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Gelukkig Chinees Nieuw Jaar….. – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Ozoz,
    What a lovely photographs presentation. The “birds” look more like grasshoppers to me but they’re missing a pair of legs 🙂

    Thank you.

  2. Those cats are to be placed facing a door. They wave fortune and money into the house/store. You will always see on in a chinese shop! I have one and it has worked so far!

    You have the best events in the Netherlands! I wish I lived in such a cultural spot…

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