‘Bucket’ List

I’ve been thinking of who I am,
And things I want to do to help me on the journey
Of self discovery
This is for me…..silly as it may seem
Tell me, what do you most want to do?
Here is what I want
Note it is ever lengthening
  1. Learn to Crochet
  2. Take a food photography/food styling course
  3. Travel round Africa – Began, with Ghana, Sierra Leone is next on the list. I’ve done Benin Republic, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda!
  4. Go to America Done, March 2011 and several times since
  5. Taste real S’Mores Done, September 2010: Had real graham crackers with jet-puffed marshmallows and hershey bars!
  6. Visit the South of France/Monaco – Done, March 2014
  7. Go skiing
  8. Spend most of a summer on a tropical island, by the beach
  9. Lose weight – On it…with special thanks to Geneen Roth of Women, Food and God for her deep and helpful insights
  10. Write my books: The New Nigerian Kitchen cookbook, Travel by Plate, Lessons from my kitchen, my eponymous and memoiresque cookbook and more
  11. Start my parenting blog
  12. Go to Berlin  Done, January 2011
  13. Learn to make coffee from coffee beans
  14. Host a workshop on ‘Finding your passion’
  15. Learn to speak French
  16. Plant roses
  17. Send a message in a bottle
  18. Make a croquemboucheDone, Christmas Day 2013, Nigeria
  19. Work at a bakery and learn to make bread
  20. Work in an Italian restaurant
  21. Say no, when I mean no….not yes – Working on this everyday, progress being made
  22. Become a coach and mentor Working on this everyday, progress being made
  23. Own & run a creative school for children
  24. Sing in a choir & learn to play a musical instrument with some degree of skill – planning on mastering the guitar!
  25. Teach someone illiterate to read
  26. Write down my personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time – Done, 7th October 2010: ‘Exploring, learning and sharing stories that encourage &  inspire’.
  27. See the Aurora Borealis
  28. Experience zero-gravity
  29. Sleep under the stars. Preferably on the Masai Mara
  30. Go to South America, specifically Bahia, Salvador
  31. Spend a whole day reading a great novel
  32. Learn to juggle with three balls
  33. Donate money and put my name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park – Done, The Boy’s Quarter’s Project Space, Port Harcourt
  34. Build my own house. Maybe a tree-house…
  35. Live in Australia
  36. Go up in a hot-air balloon
  37. Take responsibility for something. Someone. Wholly.
  38. Go to Israel
  39. Go to Auschwitz
  40. Make my family tree
  41. Go snorkeling in the Caribbean
  42. Run a marathon
  43. Understand wines of the world
  44. Sleep for a whole day
  45. Win the lottery
  46. Walk in the dunes – Done, in Noordwijk (12th June, 2011) and in Wassenaar (26th June 2011). Even saw rabbits and fuzzy caterpillars!
  47. Make a gorgeous millefeuille
  48. Get on Masterchef. Masterchef Australia. Only.
  49. Tell the world the difference between Macaroons and Macarons!
  50. Meet Oprah
  51. Jet-set for a couple of weeks
  52. Do the Nieuw Jaar’s DuikDone, 1st January 2011 @ Scheveningen!
  53. Ride in a Limousine Done, July 2013, NewYork
  54. Drive Ride in a convertible – Done, 12th June 2011
  55. Go to the German Haribo factory
  56. Visit Scandinavia – Done, Copenhagen
  57. Make/bake/ice a cake with fondant
  58. Create ‘colourful’ cookies
  59. Learn to make real Chinese Fried Rice
  60. Go punting in Cambridge – Done, then added to the list; May 2011
  61. Tap maple sap in Canada
  62. Stand on the ‘equator’, preferably in Kenya where water circles in both directions, within a few feet
  63. Live in Nairobi, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Edinburgh