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‘Drinking’ in East Africa

by on October 28, 2016

You’ll never hear the last of it – how taken I was, still am with East Africa. All of it. At least all the parts I’ve visited – Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. Where I had some of the most amazing drinks in my life

Freshly juiced passion fruit, Zanzibar

Like freshly juiced passion fruit. Bright orange, sweet and readily available. Did I mention reasonably priced? For a couple of US dollars or less!


Freshly squeezed sugarcane, Nairobi

Like freshly squeezed sugar cane juice of which I’ve been a fan since forever.

Sugar cane juice with lemon & ginger 😍😍😍 Cc @thatnenegirl #sugarcane #sugarcanejuice #Nairobi #travelinAfrica#travelnoire #drinks #tropicaldrinks #Africandrinks

Chai, Tea Masala, Zanzibar

Love, love, love the warm, smokey spices which sent waves of warmth through my body.

We feasted on a gorgeous local lunch of chapati, naan, biryani, sweet tamarind drink and spiced, milky tea. #kitchenbutterfly #travel #travelnoire #Zanzibar #Africa #travelinAfrica #chapati #foodinZanzibar #onthetable

Sweet Tamarind, Zanzibar

And a delicious sweet tamarind drink


Coconut Water, Zanzibar

Enjoyed on a spice tour – sweet and refreshing!


Dawa, in Nairobi

Dawa – means Medicene in SSwahili and is composed of Vodka, lime, honey, sugar, and ice.


Coffee, Nairobi

I mean who goes to Nai without sampling coffee all sorts. Well not me!

My first coffee in Nai | White Chocolate Mocha @ Java #Nairobi #travelinAfrica#travelnoire #drinks #kenyancoffee #coffee #kitchenbutterfly

So there, some of what I drowned my sorrows drank on holiday.

What’s your favourite ‘travel’ drink?