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What would you do for bacon and beans?

by on January 4, 2010

That’s how the Dutch describe this event people like me, who come only to watch the proceedings….and not take part! We do it voor Spek en Bonen – for bacon and beans!

Yep, that’s me :-).


Would you take a dip in ocean waters….at 0 degrees centigrade?

IMG_8870Would you? Well if yes, next year please head out to Scheveningen beach in The Hague, will ya?

IMG_8912As for me, I know I wouldn’t…..not yet anyway…However 25,000 people thought it was a great way to usher in the New Year and enjoy a cup of hot soup!


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The New Years dive (Nieuwjaarsduik) is a yearly event, held at exactly 12 noon on New Year’s day.

IMG_8877 IMG_8431

The dive began in 1965 at the initiative of Jan van Scheijndel, who was an English Channel swimmer. In that year, seven people took part in the plunge. Over the course of time the New Year’s Dive has grown into a massive event and is sponsored by the Unox sausage factory. In 2007 the event had to be cancelled for the first time in 39 years due to bad weather conditions.

Anyone interested in participating…(or join in by watching from the beach itself – like me) buys a ticket (this year’s ticket cost 2 euros, of which 1 euro goes to charity) and is allowed entry to the beach, receives a bag which contains a trendy orange hat, orange mittens and a tin of Ertwensoep (pea soup)!

IMG_8309 IMG_8308IMG_8319 IMG_8346 IMG_8570

Those who don’t buy a ticket watch from the promenade, good viewing too!

IMG_8904 IMG_8468

#1 – The Dutch are crazy about their soup, Pea soup especially. If it is fresh, it is called Ertwensoep;

IMG_8528 IMG_8614 IMG_8616 IMG_8545

if it is day-old, it is called Snert!

IMG_8585 IMG_8509IMG_8516IMG_8497IMG_8496 IMG_8441IMG_8873Either way, this is a winter specialty and almost a meal in itself. The thick blend of carrots, celeriac, potatoes, peas and smoked sausage can only pass the success test if a spoon can stand upright in it! It almost begs a new name for how can you call something soup that cannot be poured or drunk? The only way to avail yourself of its goodness is to ‘eat’ it up with a spoon!

IMG_8920 IMG_8828

#2 No colour like Orange

On the beach, revellers, long before the ticking of the noon clock, partied to the sounds of music in a stage.

IMG_8460IMG_8475 IMG_8457

For us who waited to get in line to join the masses, we could see hundreds of ‘orange heads’ bobbing up and down. Now, from what I know of ‘westerners’, colours are seasonal, so being clad in orange in the thick of winter is remarkable, perhaps not for the Dutch!

IMG_8809 IMG_8639 IMG_8640IMG_8644 IMG_8641

Last year, I dragged my sister (who was visiting from Boston) and the kids and went off to watch the ‘show’. This year, I went sans kids (not wanting to put them through the freeze and the wind), accompanying my friend (and her Dad) who were taking the dive. She also bought my ticket 🙂 and I’ve considered taking part next year :-). Purely consideration…nothing else, yet!


I was along purely for the photoshoot. Somehow the idea of bearing all to a crowd of strangers, while comforting didn’t quite hold sufficient appeal for me. Sorry!

IMG_8413#3 Various stages of preparedness

It was interesting to see how people react to the cold. While some were scantily clad and in bathrobes;

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others waited until the very last minute to strip off and dive. Its at this point I must say the Dutch are not alone in this craze. While we queued up to go in I hear all manner of asian languages, German, French and more. I saw badges even from as far away as Australia….though that’s not conclusive but…I’m sure there were Aussies amongst the crowd!

IMG_8321As soon as the clock heads close to noon, everyone counts down and there is a massive rush, destination: water! Bikinis, full dress, parents, children, grandmas and grandpas….no one is exempt…all at your own risk!

IMG_8449This is also the opportunity for fancy dress. Angels and Demons,…maybe even Cops and Robbers :-).

IMG_8409 IMG_8392 IMG_8884IMG_8883 IMG_8407

In literally seconds, people have dived in and out. Some rush off to towel themselves off, out on the sand;

IMG_8437And others dash into the ‘great tent’, with enough room for thousands to warm and dress up!  (See I’m not the only one there for the photo-taking :-))!

IMG_8387 IMG_8396

Even more pose….have their photos taken, preserve the historic moment!

IMG_8374 IMG_8882 IMG_8880

The whole time, Emergency services are circling and on high alert.

IMG_8911 IMG_8287IMG_8289 IMG_8417

And the ‘Soup Brigade’ is on stand-by, preparing to dish out loads of warm comfort to travellers…on return!

IMG_8384Of course, the nice and quiet scene above is only temporary…..just a few minutes later, the queues have begun, but have no fear, there’s always enough to go round!

IMG_8906 IMG_8621 IMG_8631 IMG_8624 IMG_8601

I depart amidst singing and dancing….another tick box!

IMG_8876 IMG_8654 IMG_8609 IMG_8430

And that’s almost it…..

IMG_8690 IMG_8683

As I left, I thought I was going mad….a woman who appeared to have taken part in the dunk was getting on her bike…..unbelievable. I had to stop her to clarify….and what comfort I drew from her words wasd reflected in the huge smile I shared, ‘Oh, just like me’ were the words I spoke!



Maybe next year I’ll be bold enough to think like this?

IMG_8484On a great note,

1) I made my macarons today……all batches had FEET, amongst other things, hmmmm lips sealed till the week of January the 10th for Macattack3!

2) My camera/computer issues are resolved. Apparently, when I have over a couple of thousand photos on my memory card, there is a breakdown in communication between PC and camera. So, I spent all morning deleting loads of photos to bring it down below the threshold and now it works!!!!

Thanks for ALL your support. X O X O X O


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