Friday Cocktails – Gin & Tonic with Zobo Pepper Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 12, 2016
It all began when M, a friend and mixologist said he’d added some Zobo pepper sauce to his G & T. How the fresh, spice notes in the sauce worked really well with gin. It would never have occurred to me. I wouldn’t have thought of it like using ‘jams and marmalades‘ in drinks. Which […]

Ideas in Nigerian Food – Agbalumo Jelly

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 11, 2016
Yep, I think I have a vegan winner with this one. Yep.  This jelly is made with sweetened Agbalumo juice and set at room temperature in no time. I couldn’t find gelatine sheets in Lagos – and no, I did not look in every single shop. So agar agar it was. Anyhoo, the texture takes […]

Seventeen (17) Things You Should Know About Agar Agar

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 11, 2016
It is also called Agar It is an extract from seaweed, specifically Red Sea algae Thus it is VEGAN It comes in powder, flakes, bar – each with different guidelines for usage It needs heat to dissolve properly / it needs to be dissolved in liquid and then brought to the boil It can be […]

Homemade Low Fat Meat Stock

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 10, 2016
I like to make my meat stock from scratch. I personally find it easy. The really win for me having a deep freeze stash to use when the need arises. Sometimes, I make my stock from flesh, other times bones and sometimes both. A few things I do when making stock with meat/ bones I cook on […]

Fura De Nono

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 10, 2016
‘Ina son in dama fura de nono a kwarya da ludayi.’ ‘I want to make fura de nono in a calabash with a spoon.’ And this is the beauty of food – the unending discoveries, of flavours and textures, of history and culture. This is what makes food sooooooo endearing to me. And tiring too […]

Shrove Tuesday with Kuka Pancakes & Coconut Filling

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 9, 2016
One thing always leads to another. Small chops from 12 Baskets at a party leads to this – chewy pancakes, the texture of mochi filled with sweet coconut and served with a mix of fruit and sauces. This plate is all about the elements: Pancakes made with Kuka, a mucilaginous powder which is green and […]

From Art to Life: Soursop Jam

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 8, 2016
This jam is the product of life-art-inspiration-art-life-living. I love soursops and have recently begun to experiment – creams, desserts, cocktails – no sphere is safe. I was thrilled when Chikodili Emelumadu, of Igbophilia (How to love Igbo things or what you will) shared that I would be ‘staring’ in a short story she’d written. Please […]

Tigernut Coffee Latte

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 5, 2016
I think I might be developing serious lactose intolerance…sigh. Old age? Who knows. That’s not the reason I made this though. This was a beautiful coming together of gifts of Ethiopian coffee beans and green cardamom pods in a spice box from friends. It doesn’t require much thinking. I combined 3 cups of water, 1 […]

In Season – Carrots, Tigernuts, Garden Eggs, Mangoes….

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 3, 2016
If you ever want to know what’s in season in Nigeria, look at the streets. You’ll see the colours set before you of all that’s fresh and gorgeous and right now, it’s a really long list: Tigernuts This are my fruits/ nuts/ tubers of the season – I can see manyyyyyy explorations already, from drinks to snacks […]

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