7 Things I learnt from the 2015 Masterchef Australia Grand Finale

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2016
Masterchef Australia will always be my favourite TV program, for the character of the judges – mentoring, nurturing, firm, truthful but kind; for the diversity of the challenges; for how much they share and teach but most of all, for the amazing contestants. It’s no secret that Australia is one of the places I’d love […]

10 Alternative ‘Stews’ & Sauces You Can Make Without Fresh Tomatoes

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 17, 2016
…because we cannot go and die because tomatoes are outrageously expensive. Nigerians, praised for their resilience and ingenuity are currently seeking ways to do without Fresh tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes aren’t cheap, fresh tomatoes…once the bedrock of ‘stew’, which in Nigeria  means only a sauce based on the whole trilogy of fresh tomatoes, red onions and […]

Friday Cocktails: Spiced Mango Shandy

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 13, 2016
On another edition of Friday Cocktails, mangoes are the star. And this drink, this shandy is one of the most fragrant mango drinks I’ve ever had. See, I’m not a huge fan of mango drinks – I find them overly rich and thick but here, the sweet fizz of lemon and lime soda and ‘hoppy’ lager combined with […]

Deconstructed: Tigernut Crumble with Mango Cream & Candied Zobo Flowers

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 21, 2016
I love to repurpose things in the kitchen – whether its turning zobo flowers into sauce after making an infusion or making a crumble with leftover tigernut chaff from making kunnu aya, the milk. It works. Rather beautifully too. Here’s what you have to do. Take your favourite crumble recipe and switch it up a bit […]

Layered Dessert: Zobo & Lime Cheesecake

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 18, 2016
This cheesecake combines zobo jelly with lime cream and crushed ginger cookies. It is a rendition of a blackberry and lime cheesecake I made a few years ago which had me smitten. One thing I’ve learnt in the process of making jellies and things with gelatin is the importance of testing. A great lesson taught […]

Frozen Desserts: Palm Wine Granita & Soursop Sorbet

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2016
This dessert is the result of conversations. From Port Harcourt to Lagos, face to face and What’s App. First of all, it was Zina. We sat eating dodo and stew before our Eba and Egusi soup, when she told me about a Palm Wine granita her mum had given her an idea for. You know how […]

St PAtricks coollage

Happy St Patrick’s Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2016
Cook up a range of treats, from a Guinness caramel to some ‘green sauce’. And hope you find the 4-leaf clover 🙂 Recipes Guinness Caramel Sauce Guinness Clover Rolls Chocolate Guinness Cake Fish & Scent leaf blinis Green chili bagels Palmwine with Guinness Arancini What are you doing today?

Baked: Agbalumo Upside Down Carrot Cake

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 16, 2016
This is my second take on an agbalumo carrot cake. Because of the zobo pineapple upside down cake, this came to mind. I used macerated agbalumo – flesh tossed in sugar and left to sit overnight till the sugar has drawn out a lot of the liquid and somewhat ‘dehydrated’ the fruit. I loved the […]

Zobo Jelly With Tigernut Panna Cotta| The New Nigerian Kitchen

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 15, 2016
I’ve been exploring making jellies with Nigerian fruits, flowers and nuts. My first attempt – a tiger nut pudding was beautiful, if soft set. It triggered a desire to make a panna cotta of tiger nuts, helped along by gelatine. Then came the agbalumo jelly which while great had a funny texture thanks to agar-agar. […]

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