Nigerian ‘Concept’ Dish: Dry Fish Skin-Local Jollof ‘Sushi’

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 22, 2017
The Concept This concept is about sushi, Japanese rice rolls. Years ago, I attended a sushi workshop in the Netherlands and fell in love with the perfect bites of rice wrapped in seaweed sheets. Here, I’ve combined ‘traditional’, palm-oil based flavours using gorgeous dry fish skin instead of the nori sheets, smoky rice and fresh […]

Version 1.2: Nigerian Seasonal Produce Calendar

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2017
Becoming comfortable with progression is one of the best things to happen to me as an adult. Starting a thing and then making periodic changes to improve it.  Often, we are loathe to begin because we don’t have it fully fleshed out and we believe the world might not be as accommodating of our step-wise […]

The Anatomy of The African Walnut

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 18, 2017
I’ve always associated these walnuts with road trips since I was a child. Now, I see them on trays, little bags tied in cones, part black, part glistening.  While in traffic a few weeks ago, I purchased a bag, tore it open and cracked a shell after ‘cleaning” it. It split in half, and I […]

The Nigerian Mother Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 16, 2017
Tomato. ‘Stew’. The mother. If ever there was a mother sauce to define Nigerian cuisine, this is it – this blend of tomatoes, red onions and peppers. It is the base of a lot of things to come out of the Nigerian kitchen.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a sauce of more importance to the Nigerian […]

Pepper Fruit Scones

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 13, 2017
I wanted a way to ‘trap’ the sweet and spicy flavours of the pepper fruit and I dreamt up scones. I felt as though the slightly sweet dough could work well with the spice and scent of pepper fruit. I got a mix of green and red pepper fruit and blitzed them – seeds and […]

How to Make The Bestever Zobo

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 12, 2017
After a few months of getting family members addicted to my Zobo, my friend M came round one Sunday. All excited to serve a Hausa person my version, I poured out a cup.  She tasted and smiled and turned her head, puzzled.  ‘Did you use ginger?’ ‘Yes I did, lots’ ‘What kind?’  ‘Fresh now’ ‘Ah, […]

How to: Passion Fruit Jamalade

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 10, 2017
Now that you know that all parts, save the skin – of passion fruit are edible. Here is one way you can use the seeds, juice and pulp – make some passion fruit jamalade. Yes, jamalade. Like that’s an actual word, one which I thought I had coined myself but Google said ‘no’. I love the word […]

Six (6) Ways to Grow Food Tourism in Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 8, 2017
‘We need to diversify the Nigerian economy’, our Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment, Mr. Okechukwu Enelamah says in many places – on CNN, at global meetings, etc: “Necessity is the mother of invention,” he says. “Given the very negative consequences of the drop in oil and commodity prices…we must make good on our commitment to diversify […]

In Season: Obi-Edun, Another Monkey Kola

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 4, 2017
The first time I heard of a fruit with a name prefaced by ‘Monkey’ was in 2011, when I encountered ‘Epapa‘, which turned out to be one local name for Cola lepidota, aka Monkey Kola. It didn’t seem peculiar to me – I put it down to ‘things monkeys also ate in the forest’. Till […]

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