Food Gradients: Green, Orange, Red Hot Chilies

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 24, 2015
Yep, I love food gradients. With chilies too.  In addition to the burst of colour from looking at a mix of chilies, I like the variation in flavours too. Chilies are edible across the spectrum of ‘ripeness’. What happens is the flavours vary – from green and fresh to red and rounded; slightly bitter to sweet. […]

Homemade Mulberry – Almond Gin

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 23, 2015
As simple as stewing fresh mulberries with almond brittle, sugar, Cointreau and gin. I liked Sarah Raven’s suggestions about adding almonds to the gin.  putting in a bottle… and topping with Gin The colour comes through immediately that pleases me much.  Right now, it’s setting in a cook dark place to ‘chill’ and infuse. I wonder if it’ll […]

Pumpkin Maple Ginger Sauce & Le Menu for Thanksgiving

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 23, 2015
Updated, excitedly… I can’t decide if to make plantain rolls or plantain flat breads. I think I might go with Turmeric & Plantain rolls. Or flatbreads. Urghhh, so confused The pumpkin sauce for the Jollof and for the ‘sauce’/ gravy is ready. I’ve cooked down some pumpkin puree with grated ginger, green chilies, garlic, turmeric […]

Kitchen Hacks: Pumpkin Tangelo Ice cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 23, 2015
This amazing ice cream combines pumpkin puree with store-bought vanilla ice cream to create a gorgeous, easy to make and serve beauty for Thanksgiving. And beats making a custard base and churning ice cream and blah di blah di blah Here’s how. You’ll need 1 cup Pumpkin puree Juice (about 1 cup ) and some […]

Nigerian Law on Copyright Infringement

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 22, 2015
This week, I’ve dealt with a number of infringements on my copyright.  I have observed a number of things, some surprising: People do speak up when they see an infringement There is unrealistic justification of the ‘theft’/ misuse’ of content by some (surprise, surprise) Copyright infringement is perpetuated by many people I’ve decided to delve into […]

Preparing for My Nigerian-American Thanksgiving

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 22, 2015
I’m preparing for Thanksgiving. For smoky Jollof rice sweetened with the golden warmth of autumn Thanking God for warm weather and the sun like a flaming ball in the sky Thankful for the russet and red and golden leaves that fall, that die, that birth the cold and clean that must follow. I’m preparing for Thanksgiving. […]

Golden Turmeric Milk

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 22, 2015
A few mornings ago, I made some delicious golden turmeric milk. Thank you @afolakea. Turmeric has so many glowing nutritional qualities – from being an awesome antioxidant to boosting immune health and on and on and on. I believe.I heated milk with cloves, green cardamom, grated fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, brown sugar and almonds. My […]

Grown in Nigeria – Passion Fruit

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 20, 2015
I. Love. Passion fruit. The fact that we’re growing it in Nigeria. And the fact that I could make food gradients out of them :). They come from Jos, via a company called Veg Express. They deliver to some major cities – Lagos is one of them. At under a N1000 a kilo, it beats every deal […]

The Anatomy of Fresh Turmeric

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 19, 2015
The rhizomes – small tubers – of Turmeric remind me of Jerusalem artichokes and ginger at the same time, smaller though. There are a few differences I’ve observed –  Difference 1 – Anatomy The skin has more ribs than that of ginger and the rhizomes are generally smaller in size.  Difference 2 – Colour We […]

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