Egusi - Scent leaf Dip

Scent leaf Pesto with Egusi seeds

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 30, 2015
This would be Nigerian pesto if there ever was such a thing. Take scent leaves and coconut and aromatics, season and combine with crushed, toasted egusi seeds. Have it with abacha. Think of that as the pasta of our nation :). Add some fish. And you’re good to go. I’ve been thinking of ingredients which could […]

The Art of Pita Bread

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 30, 2015
Pita. Pita Bread. A delightful flatbread, the best of which is barely sweet, soft and with good ‘pocket’. The best pita bread I’ve had in my life has been from a Lebanese restaurant called Jedoudna in Dubai. I love Jedoudna because they bake their pitas to order. What does that deliver to you? Me? The freshest bread […]

Agbalumo – Banana Icecream

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 29, 2015
One-ingredient ice creams are a firm favourite with me – essentially, a fruit puree that stars bananas. Frozen. Hence the texture and cream and sweet. Now, I’m not a fan of bananas in smoothies or desserts as such, but this works out beautifully for me. The ‘one-ingredient ice cream’ has the richness of dairy desserts and […]


How To Make Some Kind of Peanut Brittle

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 29, 2015
Making toppings for desserts like brittles and pralines are relatively easy. They involve nuts and caramel. But easy doesn’t mean you should hurry through the process which might lead to ‘caring less’, it means a few steps with utmost care to accomplish great results. Brittle is a type of confection consisting of flat broken pieces […]

Six (6) Drinks from & with Agbalumo

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 28, 2015
You can do a number of things with both the skin and the flesh, and seeds of the African Star Apple. At the start of my exploration, I didn’t realise how much of the flavour was in and could be extracted from the flesh. The notes below chart my progress with this fruit that can […]
Pawpaw tossed with lime zest over a chia seed pudding

Three (3) Sweet Recipes with Pawpaw

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 28, 2015
Pawpaw. Papaya. Suited to sweet.and savoury preparations. Spiralised Pawpaw. Fruit & Tea. Bruleed Toast. By now, you would know I have OCD. Compulsiveness in most of my ways. Like when I discover a new ingredient or see it in new light. You must know that I become consumed with it, using, learning, smelling, tasting, photographing […]

Don’t Bother With This Amarula-Tamarind Cocktail

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 27, 2015
As in seriously, trouble not yourself. For if you seek rich and cream, you’ll end up with yuck, the texture of grit and curd. When tamarind syrup meets cream at first, nothing much happens but gravity. I marvel at the gorgeous whirls stirred up just by pouring one drink into another. I get the umbrellas […]

Friday Cocktails: The Nollywood Boulevard

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 27, 2015
A riff on the Hollywood Boulevard. A cocktail of Orange Juice, Vodka, White Wine Here, Agbalumo juice is subbed for the OJ…and its flavour amplified with Agbalumo flesh-infused white wine. And thus renamed – Nollywood Boulevard. We begin with some agbalumo juice on crushed ice. I add a dash of Vodka, followed by the Agbalumo-infused white wine. The result […]

Friday Mocktails: Tsamiya Soda

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 27, 2015
or Tamarind Soda, in the manner of Jarritos’s Tamarindo. All that is required is tamarind syrup, topped up with soda water, tonic water or ginger ale. The plain tamarind syrup is nice, but I love the tamarind-ginger version as the flavours are very gingerale’sque. You’ll need ice, a stirrer and an umbrella. Just because. You’ll pour the […]

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