On Independence: Freedom & Cultural Exchange

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 26, 2016
October 1st is in a few days – I have a plan 🙂 – to share musings and recipes and what Freedom means to me. Independence makes me think of Freedom..and food and Acaraje – the Nigerian export to Brazil via slave trade. Freedom is Cultural Exchange…in which some changes become celebrations of shared history. Cultures […]

Independence Day | Around Nigeria & The New Nigerian Kitchen in 57 Bites

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 25, 2016
Fifty seven bites. 57. One to celebrate each year of Independence and in no particular order.The recipes, ideas, concepts embrace and celebrate Nigeria, old and new.  I find my love for this country on its plate. I say you have to do whatever you need to find your connection with this place…it’s always going to […]

Green-White-Green Recipes for Your October 1st Menu

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 30, 2015
Here are a few green-white-green recipes to set you on your merry October 1st menu way. Enjoy. Starters Deep Fried Green beans Scent Leaf Dip Ube’camole Scent leaf  Blinis with fish Salads & Sides   Sauteed Greens Grilled corn scent leaf coconut cream Garden Egg Salad and more Farofa Main  Scent Leaf curry Pounded Yam and […]

On Turning 55 & 55 Things To Celebrate About Nigerian Cuisine

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 29, 2015
In honour of our 55th year as an independent nation (for all intents and purposes) on the first of October, here are 55 things you should know about Nigerian cuisine, 55 things I’m celebrating. What is it like? How to describe it? An interesting melange that’s vibrant and  flavourful with rich stews, sauces, fresh fruits and vegetables […]

Nigerian Scent Leaf ‘Curry’ Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 19, 2015
Something special coming up this Friday, 20th February. Tune in to DSTv Channel 165 at 9pm! —–00000—– Today’s viewing is an amazing sauce…in the manner of Thai Green Curry but more awesome, even with only half the ingredients. Just put it like this – if you like Thai Green curry, you’ll LOVE this. And yes, I’m done […]

Nigerian Scent Leaf Dip

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 17, 2015
I call it a dip but it really is a dip that doubles as a sauce, and triples as pesto and quadr….you know what, first things first. This dip came about from leftovers and obsessions – coconut in the freezer and an excess of herbs with no working fridge at home.  In essence, its foundation is the […]

Greens: Sauteed Nigerian Greens

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 6, 2013
Green. That’s what we call it. ‘Buy me Green’, I say. Being Nigerian, she understands. No need to explain to my ‘home assistant’ what I need her to get. I like ‘green’, for its neither too tough nor too soft. It cooks in minutes and retains some character, not turning to slimy mush like waterleaf […]

Green White Green: Happy 53rd Independence Day, Nigeria

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 1, 2013
Another October 1st. Another day to sit back and think. This October 1st, this Independence Day, I am thinking a few things. Reinventing Hope Where it not for Timi of Lively Twist, I would be moaning about my country. Instead I’m thinking of ‘Reinventing Hope‘. She writes ‘ Little hinges swing huge doors.  Change will elude […]

1st of October – Nigeria’s Independence Day

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 1, 2011
Nigeria is independent, her independence already 51 years long. And still….a distance to go I’d love to share two poems: one written by me and the other, shared with my daughter’s class (full credits to come) #1 – ‘Nigerian Green’ with Angry Pride, Oz Today, I am green Green with anger Longing for the Nigeria […]