Green White Green: Happy 53rd Independence Day, Nigeria

Another October 1st.

Another day to sit back and think.

This October 1st, this Independence Day, I am thinking a few things.

Reinventing Hope

Where it not for Timi of Lively Twist, I would be moaning about my country. Instead I’m thinking of ‘Reinventing Hope‘.

She writes ‘ Little hinges swing huge doors.  Change will elude us as long as we only point fingers.’

And I SCREAM in agreement. Turning my pointing finger back on myself!

On the #streets in full force. In preparation for #octoberfirst aka #nigerianindependenceday #celebrations #independenceday

On Nigeria, By Nigerians, For Nigerians

Where it not for Sisi Yemisi, I wouldn’t realise how much Nigerians, in Nigeria love Nigerian food. She made a wonderful 16 minute video where Nigerians talk about what they like and don’t like about this great country.

I am hopeful and inspired and determined to contribute to making this country what I want it to be, for me and for my children.

I know there are lots more to share but these 2 are sufficient inspiration for me today.

Bound together in #greenwhitegreen. 'Good people, great nation.' Happy #independenceday #nigerianindependenceday #octoberfirst #nigeria #naija

Happy Independence Day Nigeria. At 53.

#greenwhitegreen #happyoctoberfirst #independenceday #nigerianindependenceday #nigeria


Many more years of GOOD growth.



#greenwhitegreen. #naija at 53. #happyoctoberfirst. #celebrations #nigeria[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Green White Green: Happy 53rd Independence Day, Nigeria – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Happy Independence. I enjoyed the video clip and hearing Nigerians speak of their home with such pride. There are quite a few Nigerian doctors working in the hospitals in my country.

  2. Congrats on your independence. I love that quote ” little hinges swing huge doors”. And I think we could all do with turning our fingers around. You are doing your good part by sharing about your countries wonderful foods!

  3. Happy Independence Day, darling!! I’ve found in my own life that achieving independence is the easy part. It’s the learning how to THRIVE beautifully that is difficult. Wishing you courage and endurance and ingenuity as you build. XO

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