Frozen Desserts: Palm Wine Granita & Soursop Sorbet

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2016
This dessert is the result of conversations. From Port Harcourt to Lagos, face to face and What’s App. First of all, it was Zina. We sat eating dodo and stew before our Eba and Egusi soup, when she told me about a Palm Wine granita her mum had given her an idea for. You know how […]

Èfó Wòròwó ati Asala

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 15, 2015
Because I can, could, did. This soup combines the nuttiness of Asala with the silken, softness of Wòròwó. The first question people ask is, isn’t it bitter? Isn’t the Asala bitter? I assure them that it is nothing but crunch and cream, Egusiesque in most of its ways. Nothing astringent, nothing offputting about using it to […]

Wòròwó: Discovering New Greens

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 2, 2015
One of the benefits of proclaiming my love for food o’er all is people share with me their deepest, darkests :). Well, not entirely true, but people share with me their faves – their thoughts, family recipes, best places to eat and so much more. I do not take any of these lightly. Food is […]

Scent Leaf Chili Sauce

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 9, 2015
Yes, Scent leaf to the rescue. Rustle up a quick chili sauce with kitchen staples. I love discovering chili and herb sauces and this Ecuadorian sauce, Aji Criollo is no exception. Serve with plantain chips, pies, rice, basically every and anything. Thank me later. [yumprint-recipe id=’27’]Enjoy.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Scent Leaf Chili Sauce – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Happy Paddy’s Day: Scent Leaf Blinis with Flaked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2015
I had a good plan to pair this with a Guinness – Palm wine concoction but I spread shards of glass and malted black liquid on some cream tiles this evening instead. A bag delicately held, mindlessly dropped and dreams and thoughts are dashed. Oh well, one less thing to make 🙁 and on to […]

Sunday Best: Amala & Edikan-Ikong Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 15, 2015
The first time I fainted, I was thirteen and I passed out halfway between the kitchen and living room of 4 Ihuo Street, Port Harcourt. It was a Sunday and Daddy had just come back from Igarra. The second time I fainted, I was thirty-seven and at a dental surgery in Port Harcourt. Back to […]

The Anatomy of Scent Leaf

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 27, 2015
It never ceases to amaze me just how connected we are, from Lagos to Laos. Scent leaves, Perilla, Shiso, of the family Lamiaceae. These herbaceous, perennial shrubs are cousins in the mint family I thought I knew everything about this plant. Growing up, it featured prominently in pepper soup, added at the last minute to bring […]