Èfó Wòròwó ati Asala

Because I can, could, did.

This soup combines the nuttiness of Asala with the silken, softness of Wòròwó.

The first question people ask is, isn’t it bitter? Isn’t the Asala bitter? I assure them that it is nothing but crunch and cream, Egusiesque in most of its ways. Nothing astringent, nothing offputting about using it to thicken your soup.

The recipe is simple – start off by heating palm oil and adding Iru, ferment locust beans and seasoning extraordinaire…


Add your ground Asala (1 – 2 cups) – I blended mine without water then stir;   _DSC0735Add your mix of blended onions and peppers (about 1 cup);

_DSC0737Then follow with the meats (about a cup), fish, ground crayfish you’re using; _DSC0747

Along with some meat stock (about a cup) and your Wòròwó (2 – 3 cups).


Give it a few minutes to cook. Check for seasoning, adjust accordingly and let simmer. 

Ahh, we enjoyed this :), on a Sunday evening with poundo yam, and if you like get all persnickety and ask if this was yam moulded in a mortar. I’ll get persnickety right back and remind you of how little you know of the seasons, of our seasons, how new yam is all the rage – nice to look out but without the starch and stretching power of old yam.

Uh huh, I’ll have the last laugh.

_DSC0741[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Èfó Wòròwó ati Asala – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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