J’s Yogurt & Granola Parfait

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 26, 2015
She made it up, inspired by ‘Sweet Kiwi‘. We got home from ‘shopping’ on Saturday and J, Daughter #1 made up a glass, showing off our recently acquired glassware. It turns out (via Google) that these glasses are actually parfait glasses. Who knew ūüôā Anyway, it’s a simple 3 ‘ingredient’ dessert or breakfast and in-between. […]

Cook Naija: Pitanga Cherry Dessert

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 13, 2012
In most parts of the world, the leaves are¬†turning, the¬†days¬†are getting shorter and it‚Äôs a fresh¬†14¬†degrees or so. Pumpkins and all things orange, russet and gold¬†are the rage. Desserts too are the norm – pumpkin pies and apple tarts, custards, puddings and heartwarming eats. In Nigeria, some leaves¬†are¬†turning but the¬†days¬†stay the same. There are no […]

Herb Poached Nectarines

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 28, 2010
It’s all about timing, life is. I am often shocked at the ‘coincidences’ that take place. Mind you, I don’t believe at all in coincidence, I am more a fan of the law of attraction. Me, food, you, we happy.

Cooking with fruit: Blackberries

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 14, 2010
I wonder if prehistoric men ever felt the thrill of foraging for food. Perhaps they, in that ancient manner of men viewed their hunting and gathering with purpose and nary a hint of frivolity: to sustain and to provide for themselves and family. These days and modern times, we forage, not for sustenance but for […]

Cooking with Fruit: Loquats

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 19, 2010
Or Mispels according to the Dutch. Also known as Japanese medlar, not to be confused with that other sort of fruit, also called medlar, requiring rotting and bletting to reach edible status. It took me a year to find out what the English name for Mispels was. I first came across them in a market […]