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Friday Cocktails – Spiced Mango Shandy

On another edition of Friday Cocktails, mangoes are the star. And this drink, this shandy is one of the most fragrant mango drinks I’ve ever had. See, I’m not a huge fan of mango drinks – I find them overly rich and thick but here, the sweet fizz of lemon and lime soda and ‘hoppy’ lager combined with […]


Friday Cocktails – Tangelo Mimosa

When life gives you Tangelos and Champagne, make mimosas. I’d never had a mimosa before I made this version. I’ve heard about that them as perfectly paired with Brunch but I’d never ever tried them.  I always thought they were similar to Buck’s Fizz and they are, save for the fact that the proportions of […]

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Homemade Mulberry – Almond Gin

As simple as stewing fresh mulberries with almond brittle, sugar, Cointreau and gin. I liked Sarah Raven’s suggestions about adding almonds to the gin.  putting in a bottle… and topping with Gin The colour comes through immediately that pleases me much.  Right now, it’s setting in a cook dark place to ‘chill’ and infuse. I wonder if it’ll […]


Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Cocktail

Because it was Sunday night and I had: Cucumbers Passion fruit Sugar cane Zobo-ginger vodka mix that had been ‘chilling’ Every thing went in the blender, with some sugar. A strain later and it was ready for lime juice over ice. The son insisted I served them with umbrellas. Why not? It certainly brought tropical sunshine and warmth on a […]


Apple-Cucumber-Lime Mojito, Two Ways

This is a version of a non-alcoholic drink that we were first introduced to in Dubai – an Apple Mojito. I’ve tried several times to recreate it and it’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve come close to experiencing the delight we enjoyed in December. My first attempts used muddled mint leaves and lime juice. […]


Passion Fruit-Cucumber-Sugarcane-Lime Cocktail

Passion Fruit – beauty and fragrance invoked here. And long overdue this is. I must confess it has all my favourite juices in a glass:  the floral acidity of passion fruit the clean refreshment of cucumber juice the sweet of sugar cane and the citrus burst from lime juice. Did I mention the lightness of […]


Six Perfect Drinks for Jollof

I’d never really given much thought to the perfect drinks for Jollof till #Jollofgate, when I spied a bottle of ale next to Jamie’s offering. Now, I know Jonny Garrett,  the deputy editor of who worked with him on thefeature is a beer aficionado who loves pairings… (he’s @beerchannel on Twitter) To be honest, food and drink pairings […]