Friday Cocktails – Gin & Tonic with Zobo Pepper Sauce

It all began when M, a friend and mixologist said he’d added some Zobo pepper sauce to his G & T. How the fresh, spice notes in the sauce worked really well with gin.

It would never have occurred to me. I wouldn’t have thought of it like using ‘jams and marmalades‘ in drinks. Which are becoming a thing.


Anyway, we learn, we move, we make…to drink.


So it is that I made a version with some Zobo pepper sauce, gin, tonic and ice. The zobo pepper sauce is nicely flavoured – sweet with a bit of heat, so it takes care of the need for a sugar syrup. But of course, personal adjustments allowed.


I combined the sauce and gin, stirred and finished with the soda water and ice.


I love the vibrant, rich, deep hue of purply red. 

And it tasted so refreshing. Definitely a keeper for dinners and drinks :). Now I’m thinking of all the other wonderful cocktails I could make.

Some advice from the experienced:

  • Epicurious tells you that the jams work well by bringing both sweetness and acidity in some cases. They also say more – about what to do if cocktails are shaken, not stirred; Epicurious
  • Greg Seider, co-owner of The Summit Bar in New York’s Alphabet City advises the following: two ounces of spirit to one ounce of fresh citrus juice with a half-tablespoon of jam. Adjust the jam accordingly, depending on desired sweetness. If it becomes too thick, simply turn the cocktail into a fizz by adding a splash of soda; Food & Wine

What jams or marmalades would you add to cocktails? I’m thinking Ginger and Lime ones would work a gorgeous treat. Shall try…

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