‘Drinking’ in East Africa

You’ll never hear the last of it – how taken I was, still am with East Africa. All of it. At least all the parts I’ve visited – Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. Where I had some of the most amazing drinks in my life

Freshly juiced passion fruit, Zanzibar

Like freshly juiced passion fruit. Bright orange, sweet and readily available. Did I mention reasonably priced? For a couple of US dollars or less!


Freshly squeezed sugarcane, Nairobi

Like freshly squeezed sugar cane juice of which I’ve been a fan since forever.

Sugar cane juice with lemon & ginger 😍😍😍 Cc @thatnenegirl #sugarcane #sugarcanejuice #Nairobi #travelinAfrica#travelnoire #drinks #tropicaldrinks #Africandrinks

Chai, Tea Masala, Zanzibar

Love, love, love the warm, smokey spices which sent waves of warmth through my body.

We feasted on a gorgeous local lunch of chapati, naan, biryani, sweet tamarind drink and spiced, milky tea. #kitchenbutterfly #travel #travelnoire #Zanzibar #Africa #travelinAfrica #chapati #foodinZanzibar #onthetable

Sweet Tamarind, Zanzibar

And a delicious sweet tamarind drink


Coconut Water, Zanzibar

Enjoyed on a spice tour – sweet and refreshing!


Dawa, in Nairobi

Dawa – means Medicene in SSwahili and is composed of Vodka, lime, honey, sugar, and ice.


Coffee, Nairobi

I mean who goes to Nai without sampling coffee all sorts. Well not me!

My first coffee in Nai | White Chocolate Mocha @ Java #Nairobi #travelinAfrica#travelnoire #drinks #kenyancoffee #coffee #kitchenbutterfly

So there, some of what I drowned my sorrows drank on holiday.

What’s your favourite ‘travel’ drink?


  1. Hehe. You were looking for trouble with this title o. You know our Eastern brethren and sisthren can hold a ‘drink’ down! I had the best tea (hands-down) in Kenya and bought the best raw spices (for tea and otherwise) from a spice farm in Zanzibar. Everyone swears by Carnivore Dawa but I was too busy downing the meats.

    Did you have lots of tangawizi in your drinks? Eastern Africans love their ginger and Stoney Tangawizi is great!

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