Daddy’s Palm Oil Stew

I haven’t had palm oil stew in such a long time – I think I forgot how easy it was to make – no stock required which reduces the cooking time by half. The meats used are often smoked or dried so that too contributes to the ease of prep.

This is my dad’s ‘recipe’ if ever there was one. He only ate palm oil stews, no vegetable oils for him and rarely any tomatoes.

This stew is super easy. I wanted to make something similar to the bush meat stews we made for him, or that he made for himself, with smoked antelope or grass cutter so I used smoked guinea fowl which is smokey, gamey, lean and uber delicious.


Blend tatashe, scotch bonnets and onions with as little water as possible. You can use the mix as if but I prefer to strain and let the liquid drain. I set both aside. Pour into a strainer and let stand for a few minutes till most of the liquid is out.

If you can’t tell how hot your chilies are, blend them separately and add when you begin cooking, to taste.

Heat up 1 cup of oil and add some sliced onions, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of iru. I also like to add a few whole chilies. Stir and let cook till the onions take on some colour.


Add the strained mixture, reserving the liquid in case you want to moderate the texture. Stir and let cook/ fry till oil begins to bubble up.


Turn down to a simmer and add your guinea fowl, in pieces. Add some of the strained liquid if the sauce is too thick.

Let cook on low for 15 – 20 minutes, till the guinea fowl softens and absorbs the stew.

Remove from the heat.

Serve simply with boiled white rice and dodo.



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