Finalist: Best Culture Blog/ 2018 Saveur Blog Awards

Stoked. Surreal. Excited. And yes, I – Kitchen Butterfly, the blog, Nigerian cuisine all of it – have been nominated for the Best (Food) Culture blog in the 2018 Saveur Blog Awards

A few days ago, I received an email. It read:
Dear Ozoz,
Congratulations on becoming a finalist in the 9th Annual SAVEUR Blog Awards! From a pool of over 20,000 submissions, your blog was selected as one of the most innovative, impressive, and well-executed we came across, and one of our top six contenders in the Best Food Culture Blog category
Please encourage your readers to vote for you—they can vote as often as they like. Each category will have two winners—the finalist with the most votes will be named Readers’ Choice winner, and a team of SAVEUR editors will also hand-pick an Editors’ Choice winner.

Kitchen Butterfly is one of six blogs from Uganda to Pakistan, Vietnam, Assyria and Italy. The other blogs are super interesting – and that’s what I love about food too – the diversity, the abundance of perspectives and recipes, the colours, stories and recipes which have held up generations and will continue to.

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I’m excited for the opportunity for Nigerian food to get on global plates, to be seeded in people’s minds, for them to understand our rich heritage and food culture.

The first step was to be nominated

Second? To be selected

And the third and final step is the votes. They count. And the opportunities to are abundant.

You can vote

  • Everyday till the 12th of September
  • You can vote multiple times a day  – as many times as you want. All you have to do is refresh the page.
  • You can get family and friends to vote multiple times too.
  • Here’s the link to vote. Vote once, vote a thousand times 🙂

Lots of love and light.

Thank you for supporting KB x

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