Finalist: Best Culture Blog/ 2018 Saveur Blog Awards

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 1, 2018
Stoked. Surreal. Excited. And yes, I – Kitchen Butterfly, the blog, Nigerian cuisine all of it – have been nominated for the Best (Food) Culture blog in the 2018 Saveur Blog Awards!  A few days ago, I received an email. It read:   Dear Ozoz,   Congratulations on becoming a finalist in the 9th Annual SAVEUR […]

The Instagram Breakfast Edition @RSVPLagos

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 28, 2015
When @instagram invites you to breakfast, you turn up. I don’t know if to say ‘in style’ but you know, you do you. Be you. You prep to feast and to trade hugs, laugh with fellow ‘grammers and generally have a good time. Photo Credit – Tope Horpload If you know me, you’d know that […]

FBC, Part 1: Thank you LORD, I’m not a freak!

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 1, 2009
And neither was the group I spent the weekend with. If you saw us having the ball we did, you’d be thankful too! 32 hours in London. 8 locations. Everywhere from Abbey road to Marylebone farmers market, the food hall at Selfridges, Waterstones, Sherlock Holmes museum, La Fromagerie, the Natural Kitchen and even Boots! But truly, […]