Ten (10) Ways To Have Oats For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Everyone can make these quick and easy recipes in a flash. 


Enjoy like cereal with dried fruit and chopped up fresh fruit


Mix your own….

Chopped up to go

Swiss Bircher / Overnight Oats

With your homemade muesli mix, make the yummiest Swiss Bircher/ overnight oats with grated apple…


Toasted oats

One of my favourite ways ever to have oats

Great  as a cereal, cooked or layered in a parfait.


Oats with Peanut Butter and Fruit puree

Or nutella. Or speculoos paste. Up to you really…



Quite the amazing thing…with a somewhat bruleed top…and soft, stewed apples. Oh deliciousness has a name, and it’s baked oats.


With yogurt

Stir some raw oats into yogurt and top with fruit for a heart healthy brekkie

Breakfast. The morning after.  Natural yogurt with oats mixed in.  Fruit.  Peaches. Pear. Red grapes, sliced. Apple - Pink Lady, sweet & crisp. Bananas, sliced.  Listening to Isabel Allende's TED2007 'Tales of Passion'. 'What I fear most is power with imp

In a smoothie

Add some oats to chopped up fruits and vegetables as you blend your smoothie

In a parfait

Top your parfait of fruit and yogurt with raw, toasted or baked oats



Yep, you could make some if you like (Food52.com has a wonderful guide to making your own)…Or get a beautiful gift from a friend.

And then ‘cereal’ and parfaits are easy peasy.

_DSC0138[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Ten (10) Ways To Have Oats For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Love the yoghurt.fruits and oat photo.there is one recipe I looked forward to seeing…the one that some people eat with soup just like eba. I have seen it at the creche a few times.no idea on how to make it or how it even tastes..Help!

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