Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert: Grilled French Toast with Fruit & Cream

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 26, 2016
I have a love hate relationship with French Toast – it allows itself get so easily sidetracked, so ‘meh’ and so often that it takes a twist to get me hankering after it. And I’m not the only one. In Epicurious’s ‘Cook Like a Diner‘ series, David Tamarkin writes ‘The French Toast Notebooks’ and his  […]

Yogurt-White Chocolate Breakfast Bowl

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 30, 2015
A chance find of natural yogurt, and a gift of white Toblerone, shortly before I leave to catch a plan results in this – what I consider the discovery of the year. Well, that would be going a bit too far but I have to say this is an amazing blend. The beauty? Plain, unsweetened […]

Ten (10) Ways To Have Oats For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 19, 2015
Everyone can make these quick and easy recipes in a flash.  Raw Enjoy like cereal with dried fruit and chopped up fresh fruit Muesli Mix your own…. Swiss Bircher / Overnight Oats With your homemade muesli mix, make the yummiest Swiss Bircher/ overnight oats with grated apple… Toasted oats One of my favourite ways ever […]

Mango Yogurt Parfait

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 15, 2015
Because mango puree, yogurt and granola make an awesome trio. I experimented in two ways: Take one – I layered the elements starting with the mango puree, then unsweetened yogurt and topped with the granola Take two – I stirred the yogurt into the mango puree and topped with granola Preferred? Take one. Because it […]

The Art of The Sandwich

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 23, 2015
A good sandwich is a gift from God. Period. I like how a simple combination can be transformed with the addition of one ingredient which elevates it to ‘awesome’ heights. Sometimes, that’s a few leaves of basil strewn over cheese or chicken. At other times, it’s the hot, green tabasco sauce stirred into creamy, salted […]

Christmas Brunch or Brekkie: Oven-baked Scotch Eggs & Tea-smoked Fish

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 14, 2009
I am a collector of recipes….some of which, I literally wait years to make, and other which become regulars and firm faves. Take this no-fry Scotch eggs, for a start – 5 years since I first saw the recipe and this year,….I finally made it. My tea-smoked fish on the other hand has featured twice […]