Santifood Co: Yogurt & Granola

Nothing floors me more than a thoughtful gift. I get emotional.

Last week, I got a private message on Instagram. From an ‘instafriend’ – @santifoodco, whose yogurt and granola I’d been longing.

She’d sent me a goody bag from Abuja through a friend.

I was touched. A bit emotional. It feels so awesome to be in someone’s thoughts and not even know it. To be the receiver of love and gifts.

What good there is in this life. Still. In spite of all the madness.

I got two tubs of greek yogurt and some delicious honey granola.

A tub of Mango Chia seed yogurt;


The yogurt was thick and creamy, a nice light orange colour with specks of chia seeds and dollops of bright, blossomy mango sauce. I enjoyed mine with Masa – panfried rice cakes (recipe coming soon).


The Natural yogurt was also thick and creamy and we made parfaits of them.


What I really liked was both tubs froze really well, without losing the consistency when thawed.

The granola was golden and crisp, with chia seeds and dried fruit.



Thank you so so much @santifood co. What a difference a kind act makes. Thank you.

If you’re in Abuja, here are contact deets:

Instagram: @santifoodco
Twitter:  @infosantifood
Telephone: 0909 858 6226[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Santifood Co: Yogurt & Granola – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. It was our absolute pleasure Ozoz the kitchenbutterfly.
    You also got me emotional when you said you got emotional .
    It was my pleasure and I’m glad you enjoyed them too.
    I love how you inspire us to cook and enjoy the beautiful local produce we have.
    Thanks to you, I am now addicted to scent leaves. Lol.
    I appreciate the review and boy am I glad you finally got your granola and yogurt intact! I can’t wait to finally meet you in person.
    Thanks for inspiring SantiFoodCo and I.

    Love, Fantis

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