Santifood Co: Yogurt & Granola

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 2, 2015
Nothing floors me more than a thoughtful gift. I get emotional. Last week, I got a private message on Instagram. From an ‘instafriend’ – @santifoodco, whose yogurt and granola I’d been longing. She’d sent me a goody bag from Abuja through a friend. I was touched. A bit emotional. It feels so awesome to be […]

Gifts of Granola

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 14, 2015
I love jars and glass pots. I collect them, from yogurt ones to Bonne Maman, Weck pots, Mason Jars and the list goes on. I love gifts. Of food. Of utensils. Or life and love. These two pots of granola, a wonderful gift from P which made its way from New York without incident are […]

Foodie Christmas Gifts

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 23, 2010
It wasn’t that long ago that I discovered that the spice, Paprika, especially the Spanish sort had various blends – from dulce (sweet and mild) to agridulce (bittersweet and medium hot) to picante (hot), depending on the type of peppers used (round or long), whether the seeds are removed, and how they are processed. And […]

3 Fab Christmas Condiments. Perfect to keep….and gift away!

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 22, 2009
A very merry and blessed Christmas holiday to all my readers and ‘friends’, whether you’re snowed in or enjoying sunshine and warmth. I look forward to a great 2010…and eagerly await New Year’s eve and constructing my list of New Years resolutions. Of course, all the regulars like lose weight and save money…will be there, […]