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Part 2: Feasting on Nigerian Groundnut Chop

by on July 15, 2015

Three things – Rice, stew, toppings.

Easy for even the most fearful of cooks to accomplish.

One needs a wide dish ’cause this feeds a crowd. Could feed a crowd.

Make enough rice. Make sure it’s steaming hot. 

Make a pot of Groundnut stew. Don’t fight with anyone, so keep it to yourself. Hide it if need be.

While rice and stew are readying themselves, prep your toppings. Cut veg, dice veg, slice, chop, peel. Set up shop in small bowls and nice saucers. Bring out fancy spoons and platters.

Groundnut Chop

Then the journey begins.

Spread the cooked rice out on a wide dish till a plateau, an inch or two high is formed.

White rice bed for Groundnut ChopTop with just enough Groundnut stew, leaving a rim, an inch or two wide. Because colour matters and rice is pure. Or something like that. Because it looks pretty. Groundchop  with sauce You’re building a thing of beauty here so steady yourself. Not too much, too soon. Pace yourself.  I start off with primary colours. Lol, not really, there’s no method to this design, for madness it isn’t. I start with a tablespoon or two of chopped tomatoes, and green bell pepper. Groundchop  with sauce and vegetables Chunks of pawpaw,… Groundchop  with sauce, vegetables …and lime-pickled onions follow. All the time you’re thinking carte blanche. Blank canvas. Paint away. Groundnut Chop

Plantain. Dodo, peanuts.

Groundnut Chop, almost ready

Avocado, Eggs, Banana,..




A cake slice is the perfect utensil to set food from platter to plate, getting a bite of every thing along the way.

Last of the Groundnut Chop What do you think? Good ehn? Perfect, perfect, perfect for feeding a large crowd in a stunning way.  Thank me later :).[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Part 2: Feasting on Nigerian Groundnut Chop – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]