May 2012: In My Kitchen

In my kitchen are some of my most treasured possessions:


Glass jars with metal gingham covers, in a variety of colours and sizes.

My collection began 3 years ago, with the easy to find red covers, that are the lids to Bonne Maman’s Strawberry Jam. The jars are currently filled with dried curry leaves and sugar candy sticks.


They were followed by a blue lid, which currently tops a jar of homemade redcurrant jelly. Two years old…..and still waiting to be opened. I’m going to seek out some lamb chops to serve this alongside.


The tiniest member of the family I picked up in London on a trip and it was full of honey. I love the ‘refined’ deep blue of the cap.


And the kids had fun with still life ‘compositions’


The purple one I absolutely love – infact I bought the jar, and then made up a Raspberry Bakewell tart to use up the jam. Crazy, right? Wrong. Just loving gingham and all things check.

DSC_0577 copy

And the green one, pretty close to a jar of foie gras was a gift from a wonderful French friend, on the eve of our departure from The Netherlands.


First he gave us the Foie gras and then he brought out a jar of fig jam, made with figs from his own fig tree which he planted in France 20 years ago! Amazing, aye?


I love collecting things and this jars are amongst my favourites. And I’m always on the lookout for more.


Do you have a thing for gingham jar covers? Or do you think I’m weird? 


Oh well. This is me, joining in the fun with Celia, of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who does a monthly feature called ‘In My Kitchen’. Thanks for the inspiration Celia.


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  1. I love the Bonne Maman jars to being with, but I love how you’ve created a whole kitchen set of them! Much better value than just buying a set of storage canisters or similar.

    My weakness are metal tins – not large cookie ones – but smaller candy tins for storing knick-knacks or cylindrical ones for the pantry. My well-known habit is funded by friends who bring me back tins from their travels too!

  2. Love your collection and this little peek inside your kitchen! I hadn’t thought to categorize my jars the way you do…my collection is quite random, so I need to label mine. You are inspiring!

  3. Love your collection and I have always loved those Bon Mamon Jams… but never thought of collecting them and NOW I am… taking a little leaf off your book Madame Butterfly!

  4. You have a lovely jar collection! I’ve collected only a couple of the gingham covered ones but oh so much character to the kitchen ambience!

  5. Ha, ha, from what I’ve been reading, it looks like we all share the same weakness. Thumbs up for Bonne Mamman, they’ve done a great job!

  6. I personally don’t have a thing for gingham covers but I do love Bonne Mamman jars, they are always useful and handy! I always store as many as I can until my husband comes to censure me: “Don’t you think we have enough?!!!” He’s right, there’s not enough room in our kitchen for more stuff, then I have to do some cleaning and I assure you, it’s always painful. So I totally back up your passion and envy your gorgeous collection, don’t find it weird at all. Have a great day!

  7. A splendid collection! I only have the red gingham jars, but I will start looking for more colors! An inspiring post!

  8. I think this is brilliant! I save empty jars to re-use but never thought to “theme” them. Makes so much sense. I might have to start a collection of my own!

  9. No, Oz, I don’t think you’re weird at all. I have a huuuge collection of these jars myself. I particularly love the small ones, they’re so cute.

    The only trouble is, where to put them? My kitchen is tiny and I’m struggling for space. Still, whenever I see a check, colored cap I don’t already have, I instantly buy my next Bonne Mamman jar 🙂

  10. I collect them too !
    I have some yellow and orange ones as well! I like to reuse them for potpourri ingredients and then have a small party with friends mixing our own scents, herbs, spices and fixatives to make personalized potpourri – which they can take home in their favorite colored gingham lid jar!

  11. You are not weird at all, something about a gingham topped jar that sings, homemade, rustic, country, picnic, familiar, comfort. I love to see mini gingham topped jars of jam at restaurants (I snatch them up shamelessly…) the re-purpose them for my picnic basket.

  12. I have never thought much about the gingham, but I love the large mouth of the Bonne Maman jars… they’re easy to clean. I shove salad ingredients in them or a little yogurt, honey and oats in the AM (and to be honest, I sometimes eat the contents and forget them somewhat empty on or near my desk for days… science experiments). Yet they always come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean, ready for re-load.

    And they come with delicious jam to start. Love!

  13. As soon as I saw these jar lids, I thought about the jar lids that hold Smucker jellies/jams. I think next time at the grocery store I will need to take a closer peek.

    Jars bring out a passion in people. I know a few people that love to collect jars of sorts.


  14. I think of you every time I see these, Ozoz. 🙂 They are such cheery things. 🙂 And I don’t think you’re crazy at all. 🙂

  15. Lol…I thought I was the only one collecting jars. I just started saving my candle jars too. That small one you have, I own 2 of those 🙂 I got mine at the Bellagio in Las Vegas!
    BTW… I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award ! Check it out on my blog…

  16. I love your jars, I do the same thing. I save every jar that has jam or whatever in it and re-use. I am with you I really love the bon maman jars the gingham is so pretty. How are you?? I follow your blog it’s wonderful.

  17. Oz, what an interesting thing to collect! I can only remember seeing the red gingham lids, I never realised there were so many different colours! Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us this month! And yes, I completely understand buying the container, and then trying to figure out what to do with the contents.. 😉

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