And the winner of ‘Top of the Props’ is…..

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 31, 2010
…..#28! At the end of the competition, I had a total of 67 comments. I took away 4 because 1 person didn’t want to be counted ‘in’ and 3 comments were from my friends who aren’t into blogging…leaving me with 63. Off I headed to….and the number generator chose….#28, which is Aoife of The […]

Top of the Props….and my first GIVEAWAY!

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 28, 2010
Hey Houston, we have a PROPLEM… …For when it comes to the acquisition of props…..I am shameless.

Rainbow Lamingtons a la Fondue…..

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 26, 2010
This is my entry for Mr P’s re-invent the Lamington challenge and in celebration of Australia Day today.

Out of Nicaragua: Arroz con…many things!

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 24, 2010
As soon as she opened the jar to show me what they looked like, I found myself breathing in the fragrance of my Nigerian childhood (while standing in a Parisian shop on a cold February day): hot, sweaty, scented days; all the intensity of my youth, captured in a few black Tonka beans.

My All-American food box and awards….

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 23, 2010
My Foodie box I first met Velva of Tomatoes on the Vine when I was weeks old into blogging. I did a Google search for Dutch Delights…..or something similar and found her and we became ‘friends’, kidding about how we could have walked past each other on Dutch streets without knowing it for only a […]

How to make poffertjes aka Dutch mini pancakes

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 20, 2010
I have a new Saturday job. Unpaid. And it may remain that way for a while, :-). And I’ll say this upfront, without fearing the need to plead the 5th or 8th or 12th – nothing I say, can and will be used against me!!!!!!!!

El Salvador, Plátanos Fritos and Me….

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 17, 2010
In Nigeria, we call it Dodo. No, silly….. not the bird, I’m talking about fried plantains and please don’t ask me why we call them that, ’cause I don’t know the history!

‘If’ Rudyard Kipling were a foodie….

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 16, 2010
…..what would ‘IF’ be like? I have a passion for writing poetry, albeit it completely overshadowed by my love for cooking. One of my favourite poems ever is ‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling. I can still remember clearly a teacloth we had growing up, which had the words on it (thanks to my English teacher of […]

Minced Chicken Satays with the Daring Cooks

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 14, 2010
The January 2010 DC challenge was hosted by Cuppy of Cuppylicious and she chose a delicious Thai-inspired recipe for (Pork) Satay from the book: 1000 Recipes by Martha Day. We, cooks had the options of doing what we wanted as long as we marinated the chosen meat or veg!!! Can you believe it is already […]