And the winner of ‘Top of the Props’ is…..


At the end of the competition, I had a total of 67 comments. I took away 4 because 1 person didn’t want to be counted ‘in’ and 3 comments were from my friends who aren’t into blogging…leaving me with 63.

Off I headed to….and the number generator chose….#28, which is Aoife of The Daily Spud.

Giveaway_Top of the PropsCongratulations Aoife, please send me an email at and I’ll pop your box in the mail ASA….

Some top prop secrets? Here they are, a selection from the comments:

  • Using giftwrap as nice backgrounds
  • Ikea….hold lots of promise for some (me included!)
  • Use props from your home…
  • ….and collect from (extended) family….!
  • Look in the remnant bins at fabric/craft stores and at secondhand stores
  • Some ‘scour for mini pots and cutlery they serve inedible airplane food in for bento making props…and eco foodstalls for pretty wooden sporks’
  • Dried leaves and twigs from the park
  • Tea towels and place mats are super useful too

Thanks for joining in the fun!

Have a blessed ‘new’ week and join me tomorrow for some Empanadas….♥♥♥[wpurp-searchable-recipe]And the winner of ‘Top of the Props’ is….. – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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