Peanutty Akara

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 29, 2016
And yes, all thanks to Saratu who suggested it. It is delicious. The Akara end up texturally different from those without the peanut butter – they had more of a crunch, more of a crunchy crust. It was yum! With my batch of okwu-oji not yet slain, even after the pepper soup, I added dollops […]

Akara ‘Nigerian Toast’

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 29, 2016
Which originally began life as Akara French Toast. However, in view of where we are, and the nudging of @berri_licious, I rechristened it thus Akara Nigerian Toast or just simply ‘Nigerian Toast’.  I like the idea of savoury French Toast and have had versions with cilantro and spring onions, inspired by an Indian recipe and […]

Beans & Plantain for Easter – Eight (8) Recipes

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 1, 2015
Beans features in many Good Friday menus…and so… I grew up having stewed beans on Wednesdays and Fridays, a tradition I haven’t been able to sustain in adulthood :). Regardless, here are 8 recipes to help you on your Good Friway. Akara Fancy beans for breakfast? Then make these fritters of ground beans. Can’t be […]

Akara-Acaraje: The Brazilian-Nigerian connection

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 9, 2010
(Updated 10th September 2011)   You go as a prisoners Enslaved by bonds of chain But still….in your thoughts You’re free