Beans & Plantain for Easter – Eight (8) Recipes

Beans features in many Good Friday menus…and so…

I grew up having stewed beans on Wednesdays and Fridays, a tradition I haven’t been able to sustain in adulthood :).

Regardless, here are 8 recipes to help you on your Good Friway.


Fancy beans for breakfast? Then make these fritters of ground beans.

Can’t be bothered to peel the beans in the standard, tedious process? Look no further, my friend Ronke of has got you covered.

Recipe. I also love Ify’s recipe for Akara Shrimp is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen. I love it.


Plantain Salad

A simple salad of plantains. I’ve made it with smoked chicken but a version with fish would be awesome.



Stewed/ Jollof Beans

Simply beans, stewed and served with fried plantains




A steamed recipe, similar to tamales but of beans. Delicious with oats too.

Recipe with peeled beans, and another one from Ronke with unpeeled.


Plantain ‘MoinMoin’

Similar to that made from beans, this MoinMoin uses up sweet overripe plantains, and counters that with spice. Lovely for re-purposing bananas too.




A creamy bean and coconut dish, lightly sweetened and served with stew. An import from returning African-Brazilian slaves and a pillar of Afro-Brazilian cuisine, like Imoyo dishes.


Frejon Recipe

Spiced Plantains

Toss plantains in warming spices and combine with a pepper sauce. Commonly this is done with gizzards but shrimp and other seafood make a delightful change.



Plantain wraps

Fried plantains with fish, salsa and vegetables stuffed into soft tortillas. A firm favourite for lunch boxes and also appetisers. Cut the tortilla into rounds and secure with toothpicks.



Fancy other recipes? With Rice? I’m looking forward to doing the dessert compilation. [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Beans & Plantain for Easter – Eight (8) Recipes – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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