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Kitchen Hacks: Pumpkin Tangelo Ice cream

This amazing ice cream combines pumpkin puree with store-bought vanilla ice cream to create a gorgeous, easy to make and serve beauty for Thanksgiving. And beats making a custard base and churning ice cream and blah di blah di blah Here’s how. You’ll need 1 cup Pumpkin puree Juice (about 1 cup ) and some […]


How To Roast Pumpkin

My children have fallen in love with Butternut squash soup. It’s our ‘winter’ of rain and cold so we’re lapping up soups with crusty bread. When I don’t want to fork out cash for expensive, imported Butternut squash, I buy Pumpkin. Prepping it is easy. I wash well and then try my best to cut […]

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Spiced Pumpkin Churros for Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for autumn and fall. For churros. For pumpkin puree. For pumpkin churros. For sugar, and chocolate and spice. For taste notes called toffee and caramel. For New England autumns, for deep-fried. Dough. I’m thankful for new beginnings, for children that love freely, for hope, for joy.  For life. And the occasional wave of […]