The Arewa Kitchen: Specialty Meats (or Suya Plus)

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 20, 2017
The North of Nigeria has a long tradition of excellence in meat preparation and handling from Tsire to Dambu, Kilishi to Balangu, these specialty meats delight palates the world over particularly in Nigeria. My reading and research suggests that Suya is the umbrella name for many meat products from the north of Nigeria though in […]

In Season Pickles: Carrots, Agbalumo, Orange

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 1, 2017
One way to enjoy fruits and veg in season – carrots, agbalumo, oranges – is to explore a variety of uses – fresh, cooked, preserved. I especially like pickles – they add bright flavour to dishes – a bit sour, tart, sharp even, not to mention the burst of colour.  Pickling isn’t an oft-used preservation […]

Preserved Tangelo, Because ‘In Season

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 3, 2015
Because Tangelos are in season. And because I had some sea salt, had run out of my jar of preserved Meyer lemons and had time on my hands. I’ll let you know how it all tastes in a few weeks but I can guess the flavours would be bright and sunny. I bet. [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Preserved Tangelo, […]

‘Local Strawberry’ Liqueur

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 10, 2015
Because once you’ve slain vanilla extract, the world is your essence. Or extract. Because you can pop any old thing in vodka and in its colourless, tasteless way, it’ll absorb colours and flavours and scents. Because, when in doubt, pickle it. Or liqueur it. And because it’s worked so well with coconut, mango and dare […]

The Art, Science & Beauty of Kilishi

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 15, 2015
Work of art. Like lace. I mean just look at it. This long strip of meat, coloured brown with flecks of red and full of holes. I want this in a glass frame, hung up on my wall. I want to trace the rings and the lines, find out how and where it lay. Under […]

Homemade: Tropical Fruit Liqueurs

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 20, 2015
I love making (more than drinking) liqueurs 🙂 for the tons of flavour they bring to cocktails – sweet cocktails for a sweet tooth. Since I first made vanilla extract, the idea of going further, not only with seeds has taken root. There are a few principles to this: Read before you make – the internet is full of knowledge. If […]

Preserved: Six (6) Ways with Agbalumo

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 16, 2015
I know Agbalumo will be out of season soon…and so I’m extracting it’s essence in a variety of ways to enjoy long after. Though Preservation isn’t a common practice in Nigeria, I think it should be for various reasons. For one, we need to test the boundaries of our fruits and vegetables and one way […]

Preserved: Agbalumo Leather

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 2, 2015
I’d never made fruit leather before. Never really thought about it till Chi of Oya Come Chop suggested making some leather when I made some Agbalumo Puree.  And then flicking through Traditional Foods, I happened upon a recipe for Fruit leathers.  Joy untold.  Fruit leathers are homemade fruit rolls. They are a tasty chewy, dried fruit […]

The Easy: Quick Pickled Garden Egg Slices

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 14, 2013
In this recipe, the spongy character of garden eggs are extolled. Its interesting that garden eggs take very well to pickling. The vinegar and spices add another dimension to a fruit that makes it suitable for a myriad of things – eating on its own, layered in a sandwich or chopped up into a salad. […]