Agbalumo – Apple Tart

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 3, 2017
Agbalumo – Apple Tart, because apple. Sometimes, you let the name lead you down the path. Star apple, apple apple, tart, tart, bake. I’ve made very many star apple bakes before – an agbalumo-mango tarte tatin, carrot upside down cakes and more. Tarts have been on my list for a bit and a half and when […]

Plantain Empanadas with Chicken & Pawpaw

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 9, 2015
Yesterday was National Empanada Day. National Empanada Day I hear you ask? Yes, April 8th is National Empanada day, celebrated  Because Empanadas, like Macarons are totally worth it. And thanks to Chef Jose Garces, Iron Chef Extraordinaire and my mentor :), I can wow you with this delicious Plantain empanadas, even a day late :(. In […]

On Pie: Baked and Dreamt of

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 11, 2013
I may not have le cordon blue or any ribbon at all proclaiming me master pie maker but I am determined to raise my children on pie, with pie and knowing pie. My childhood was satisfactory, thank you very much. Even without pie as we know it. All that pielessness is being addressed, corrected.  I’ll […]

Empanada, Empanada – Argentina with Love

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 1, 2010
This week on Culinary Tour 2010, hosted by Joan of, we’re in Argentina, the second largest country in South America.