Groundnut-Dry Fish Pepper soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 22, 2016
Okwu-oji is a spiced peanut paste served with garden eggs. One day at work, one colleague, P brings a rather large tub of Okwu-oji for another colleague, O. O is sure he’ll never see the bottom of the tub and so was glad to gift me some (that huge tub emptied out sooner than we […]

In Season, In Season – Carrot Pepper soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 19, 2016
I’m trying to eat more than carrot cake, delicious as my version of it is – adapted from food52 and topped with the same lemony cream cheese frosting as goes on my red velvet cake. The last time I made some Carrot cake, on Boxing Day. If you didn’t know the origins of Boxing day […]

Kuka Dumplings in Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon July 16, 2015
Kuka, the green powder ground from dried baobab leaves reminds me of Japanese Matcha. Bright and earthy, it commonly features as an ingredient in Dan Wake  where it is combined with bean flour and shaped into dumplings. Served with a pepper sauce, I can imagine the texture of chewy cut by the spice, so monotony […]

Prawn Head Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 29, 2015
There are many lessons a girl learns from her mother – how to use prawn heads is arguably one of the best of them. You might scoff and say ‘really’? And I might smile back gently and say ‘Yes, really’. See flavour is not to be underrated, and if like me, you’d rather derive yours naturally, […]

Gbena yei – Kpokpogari with Fresh Fish Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 9, 2015
All I can think of in this weather is my bed. Sleeping in it. Morning, noon and night. Waking up to cuddles and soup. Forget pots of tea and freshly-baked cookies. Love and soup are errthang. Err single thang. Sigh. There’s something about rainy season that brings out the romantic in me. But I’m going […]

Cream of Scent Leaf & Coconut Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 28, 2015
All of the amazing classic but amp’ed with herbs. A delicious fish broth, paired with my scent leaf dip to create a broth that’s fragrant and a cross between pepper soup and Thai Tom Yum. And it starts off quite simple, with the pepper soup. Rather than poach my fish in the broth, I pan-fried […]

How to Make Fish Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 27, 2015
Winter and spring flee cooler climes, bringing warmth in their stead and we, here in Nigeria embrace the cool wetness of our rainy season. We celebrate corn, ube and days tucked in bed. We welcome steaming bowls of pepper soup, of fish, chicken and the like. Fish pepper soup, for life on the coast. Fresh […]

Lunchtime Capers: Eastern Nigeria Ofe Nsala, ‘White Soup’

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 3, 2015
Lunchtime Capers is a series chronicling my hour-long lunch break and the places I venture to – a store, markets, a roadside restaurant. Home. —–00000—– This lunchtime caper is from months ago, when my friend, Osemhen and I visited a market close to our office. She wanted to learn to make a soup I had heard […]

Tuwon Shinkafa with Pepper Soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 15, 2015
I grew up eating yam and pepper soup, or plantain and pepper soup. That was and is one of my mom’s favourite meals ever. Well, that and my peanut butter chicken sauce with Chinese fried rice or noodles. Then in 2001, I went to Youth Service camp in Bayelsa. One afternoon, my friend took me […]