The Importance of Telling Our Own Stories

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 12, 2018
Because people will say they want to tell them and use the opportunity to perpetuate a narrative of poverty rather than one of unity, of sameness, of similarities in spite of the glaring differences. One reason why Anthony Bourdain will be missed. Terribly. For the work he did to expand our thinking and our culinary […]

Opinion: I Do Not Like Jollof Rice

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 16, 2017
So, it shocks me – I’m not sure why – to see people completely immune to the wonders of Jollof Rice. First there was Amanda proclaiming Rice and Stew as King and now, Munachim. Any sort of exploration brings you face to face with alignment and misalignment and when I find thought leaders in this […]

The Emperor’s New Jollof (Or White Rice & Stew is King)

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 24, 2016
‘Being a Nigerian is very hard. The country is in a recession. Our government makes us tired. We are always angry. We are always in traffic (well, those of us for whom Lagos is Nigeria); Amanda‘ Oh my days – I had to ask Amanda, my friend to write about her total lack of reverence […]

7 Things I learnt from the 2015 Masterchef Australia Grand Finale

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 20, 2016
Masterchef Australia will always be my favourite TV program, for the character of the judges – mentoring, nurturing, firm, truthful but kind; for the diversity of the challenges; for how much they share and teach but most of all, for the amazing contestants. It’s no secret that Australia is one of the places I’d love […]

Bitters & Life

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 16, 2016
It never ceases to amaze me the clear arguments for and against any particular issue.  This weekend past, I decided I wanted to make Bitters because I had a lot of Agbalumo skins which would have gone to waste. Because a few friends who were with me at the time suggested it – yep, I […]

IWD 2015: Work, Motherhood & I

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 8, 2015
International Women’s Day (IWD) is a always time of reflection for me. I think of the many ways I am a woman and all the ways I find myself challenged, whether by society or by myself. This year, I choose to celebrate me as a mother. With 3 children – one almost off to secondary […]