7 Things I learnt from the 2015 Masterchef Australia Grand Finale

Masterchef Australia will always be my favourite TV program, for the character of the judges – mentoring, nurturing, firm, truthful but kind; for the diversity of the challenges; for how much they share and teach but most of all, for the amazing contestants.

It’s no secret that Australia is one of the places I’d love to live in. The cost of living might be high but the quality of produce and the culinary excellence is astounding. 

This last season – 7, 2015 of Masterchef has been the most inspiring and thrilling for me. I didn’t get a chance to watch all the episodes live but I recorded almost all of them and so only just concluded for myself, the season.

I loved how creative the contestants were, but the finale showed me so much, taught me so much.

When I shared how Billie McKay, the winner had inspired me in an instagram post, some readers had amazing, additional learnings. I decided that it was worth our while to share them so here’s what I learnt:

  1. Stay calm and focus under pressure. Billie was the very body of calm even in the very emotional state on the day of the grand finale. By doing so, she was able to take control of the tasks and power on…
  2. Know what/ when/ how to multitask. Billie was incredible. She planned her work so knew when/ how to make the best use of her time by combining various aspects of the cook
  3. Do it scared – you’ll never stop feeling afraid/ You’ll never be as ready as you want. She was afraid but she was also determined to give her best and her all
  4. Trust yourself and your journey…because she trusted herself and her abilities to recall all she’d learnt
  5. Celebrate the ‘ingredients’. She made each ingredient the hero – even when she overdid it in the first challenge, she didn’t back down
  6. She celebrated her roots, her farm girl roots – and remained true to this ethos even in the very heart of presenting stunning plates of food
  7. She didn’t give up – she was down 4 points after 2 of 3 challenges in the finale but she came up and came through strong to win the title

Thank you MasterchefAU and thank you Billie xxx


I’ve finally watched all the episodes of @masterchefau 2015. Thank you @joeladu_ for letting me know when the season started. So many things change you as a human being. You have to let yourself be moved, be inspired, be encouraged. This is the greatest cooking show that ever was and ever will be. I want to go on, as an intern, I’ve wanted to move to Australia for years so…no biggie. You’ll never stop feeling afraid You’ll never be as ready as you want Take that plunge Make that step The rest will be added unto you Bit by bit by bit Trust. Obey. Believe. You’re worth it. Photo of Billie winning the title of Australia’s #Masterchef. It was such joy to watch her grow and excel. So many things to learn from her: Her calm and focus under pressure Celebration of ingredients Trusting herself and her journey Thank you, Billie. Thank you. #musings #tgif #winning #life

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  1. I loved this post. I was not able to watch the show but glad to know it was interesting. I got a few tips and I know it will help me along my career path because although I am a registered Dietitian, I found my calling in the kitchen and I have to brush up my skills. The advice will help me in a food contest. Thank you for the post.

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