Ladurée in London- Perfect Calibration for my Macs

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 16, 2010
A throne is only a bench, covered in velvet Napoleon Bonaparte ———-♥———– We just got back from a few days away in London. I especially wanted to attend a one-day seminar being organised for ‘Women in Energy’ in London plus we had public holidays in the Netherlands so we all trooped over. The seminar was […]

Food Bloggers Connect 2009

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 8, 2009
I’m going….only a few weeks more! If I were to describe my excitement As a drink, I would be Champagne, bubbling and frothing over…. And if excitement was a condiment –  it would definitely be Ginger jam – hot, sweet and warming all at once A fragrance? For sure Vanilla – Simple. Fragrant. Earthy. Fruity. I […]

Being in London – Part 2

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 20, 2009
You already know I had a great time in London – according to me, a well-deserved break. Now one thing I can say is that I had a lot of typical British meals – from a cream tea of scones to the staple, Fish and chips and Eton mess. Now each of these has a special […]

Being in London – Part 1

by Kitchen Butterflyon September 17, 2009
Manchester, 1990: Unfortunately, this B&B doesn’t offer a Continental breakfast. When I try a cracker with jam, I almost spit it out because it tastes so foul. When I look up from my plate, I see everyone in the breakfast room is staring at me. An old man at the table beside me coughs. ‘You […]