Food Bloggers Connect 2009

I’m going….only a few weeks more! If I were to describe my excitement
  1. As a drink, I would be Champagne, bubbling and frothing over….
  2. And if excitement was a condiment –  it would definitely be Ginger jam – hot, sweet and warming all at once
  3. A fragrance? For sure Vanilla – Simple. Fragrant. Earthy. Fruity.

I love blogging….from the bottom of my heart. Just having a place to winge talk about adventures gone wrong…. and those successful. I often wonder if blogging is counter intuitive – connecting with other people across geographic boundaries, a modern day pen-palling. A  chance to learn, laugh and cry with people who you’ve never seen…some you’ll never see…but still we forge ahead. Glad we’ve found a place to share out stories, a ‘sphere to inspire and most of all comfort for our souls – we’re not alone in our love, in our passion, with our desires for FOOD.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the reason for my joy…’cause I’ll have the chance to meet some food bloggers in a matter of  weeks at the Food bloggers connect conference!

Food Bloggers Connect 2009  
I’ve registered and I’m going so what’s the big deal? Why am I so excited? Well, I’ve always longed to go to Food blogging conferences…..Blogher, Foodbuzz and all the other meet-ups bloggers in the States enjoy. So when I found out about this, I booked it straight away. With my husband’s blessing of course!
London. One weekend…..other food bloggers in this hemisphere…I feel so blessed.
So, the Food Blogger Connect 2009 is the first official conference being held in the U.K
WHEN: November 28th, 2009,  1 PM to 5 PM
WHERE: Levant Restaurant, London, W1 (serving delicious Lebanese cuisine)
WHO:Everyone who is or wants to be part of the Food Blogosphere. Food Blogger connect is open to all, and you don’t have to be a long-time blogger to attend. This event is open to Non-UK Food Bloggers as well. 
HOW MUCH: £30 for food and 1 glass of wine. This is the only fee and it covers the meal.
WHERE CAN I RSVP: Go to The event code is 2009.  
Plus a Sunday breakfast meet up and a morning foodie tour.
On the agenda and speakers (as it currently stands)
A) Food Photography & Styling

1) Meeta from What’s For Lunch Honey: Meeta taught herself everything she knows about food styling and table-top photography for a food blog, evolving from the earliest days of her blog and progressing into one of the best. Many of us now turn to Meeta for advice and her blog has won recognition and awards for its content and food photos. She can speak from the perspective of someone who is not a professional photographer, but who is now well-known – and sought after – for her stunning pictures.

2) Kang from LondonEater will be talking about photography skills during low-lighting conditions: Which one of us hasn’t faced the ultimate brick wall of food photography – taking pictures of that perfect dish in dimly or artificially lit conditions? Kang has mastered that talent with ease – one look at the photography on his blog and you’ll be aching to find out his secrets, all of which he’ll be sharing with us on the night.

B) Writing Style & Voice: 

1) Jeanne from Cook Sister!: Wondering how in the world to distinguish your blog from the crowd and develop a style that will make others seek you out? After being featured in and writing articles for publications worldwide from Australia to South Africa to Europe, as well as garnering numerous awards as a result of blogging for over five years now, Jeanne can tell you what it takes to get there.

2) Jamie from Life’s A Feast : Jamie’s writing makes us dream, makes us laugh and makes us fly. Her amazing way with words blends nostalgia with her passion for food and it reads like a culinary masterpiece. Join us to hear Jamie share her secrets to gaining confidence with your writing, finding your voice and writing success.

C) Creative Marketing & Social Media

1) Kang from LondonEater:  Kang turned LondonEater into a successful restaurant food blog in less than a year. He gained a large number of subscribers, building a popular newsletter and worked social media before being named one of London’s best food blogs by  Time Out London.

Excitedly…I will eventually calm down….when I’m back, so I have 3 weeks of excitement to share with you. I haven’t told you yet but I’ll be sharing ‘The Earlybirds guide to some Thanksgiving meals’. Watch this space.
I promise to bring you loads of photos and videos and more from London, just think of it as the Thanksgiving wrap-up

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Food Bloggers Connect 2009 – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. i cant agree more!
    the beauty of blogging is you will receive tons of encouraging messages from other bloggers out there who are completely strangers!

  2. Sarah….see you there! Excitedly.
    Thanks everyone for being as excited as I am. See, I can’t stop using the words….Promise to give you the ‘gist’!

  3. So fabulous! I would join you in a heartbeat if I could. You’ll love connecting with other food bloggers. I went to the Blogher conference in San Francisco, and loved the commraderie I found there. Can’t wait to read your updates! And safe travels.

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