Dutch Stroopwafels, revisited

by Kitchen Butterflyon May 7, 2010
Its my nature. I can’t leave things be. I like it like that so bear with me. Not satisfied with having witnessed stroopwaffels being made by experts, I decided that I would try it at home – without a proper stroopwafel maker. And try I did. Verdict later!

Dutch Queen’s Day Macarons

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 13, 2010
God created the world But the Dutch created Holland (Descartes or Voltaire, I can’t find out for sure who!) Of course I have my own saying to add….. God created the world, But Ladurée  and Pierre Hermé  ‘created’ Macarons (This is all me!)

How to make Dutch Stroopwaffels

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 17, 2010
This post is a scheduled one being posted from my holiday hotel, as I check in online… return home, from an amazing week in Barbados.  I hope you enjoy it. Stroopwaffles are a common sight in shops, stalls and even vending machines all over the Netherlands. The average dutch person consumes 20 of these waffles each […]

How to make poffertjes aka Dutch mini pancakes

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 20, 2010
I have a new Saturday job. Unpaid. And it may remain that way for a while, :-). And I’ll say this upfront, without fearing the need to plead the 5th or 8th or 12th – nothing I say, can and will be used against me!!!!!!!!

Sinterklaas celebrations

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 7, 2009
Sinterklaas is come and gone, he’s hopped back on his boat – destination – Spanje! Dag, St Nicholas, tot volgende jaar (St Nicholas, till next year). But no one calls him Nicholas. It is the name of a saint and much too ‘uppity’ for your everyday Dutch man. The Dutch pride themselves on being ‘equal’, […]

Dutch Mustard soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 17, 2009
Viva la Paris. This is a tribute to my friend, V who made it happen for me. In February, I went on my first ever real Mum-alone trip with  her and we had a fantastic 4-day trip, enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris. This post is about Mustard. Paris and Mustard. What’s the link?