‘Perfect Hostess’ Tips – Desserts

by Kitchen Butterflyon February 20, 2015
Dubai seems like an age and a half. Memories of pita bread and fresh juices linger on. My cupboards are full, full of treasures brought back. And this here? This is one of them. Sigh, the best of lime in a jar. Once I attempted to make something similar for bread pudding but it was […]

Cupboard Love: Barbecued Mustard Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 11, 2010
I’m swamped – family visits: 2 sisters, 3 kids. Fun but swamped. I’m writing in a hurry……knowing well my attention will be needed soon, and closing my ears to the deafening noise of 6 children!

Peanut Butter Chicken

by Kitchen Butterflyon August 14, 2009
Cupboard love – you have to have it.  Those days when nothing will do but something simple. Guaranteed, full-proof. We all have some of those – the sandwich that quenches all hunger, the drinks that cool all thirsts and the chicken….. that satisfies the desire for creamy, succulent, fragrant and all with something straight from […]

Dutch Mustard soup

by Kitchen Butterflyon June 17, 2009
Viva la Paris. This is a tribute to my friend, V who made it happen for me. In February, I went on my first ever real Mum-alone trip with  her and we had a fantastic 4-day trip, enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris. This post is about Mustard. Paris and Mustard. What’s the link?