Cupboard Love: Barbecued Mustard Chicken

I’m swamped – family visits: 2 sisters, 3 kids. Fun but swamped.

IMG_0671I’m writing in a hurry……knowing well my attention will be needed soon, and closing my ears to the deafening noise of 6 children!

But this post is not a moan about how tired I am, its all about Cupboard love. I’m on mission to use up the contents of my food stores!

IMG_0623Thanks to NMD, I have one less ‘ expired’ jar of something. Oh yes, my blackcurrant mustard read ‘Best before June 2010’  but it didn’t say ‘No good after June 2010’  so I used it (after smelling it and gun sighting it… looked good).

IMG_0641So, knowing very well how to make easy BBQ chicken, I opened up mine by splitting across the breast – not your traditional ‘spatchcock’ where the back bone and breast bone/cartilage are removed.

IMG_0423 IMG_0427IMG_0428 IMG_0429

I immersed it in an overnight marinade of mustard, maple syrup, refrigerator-dried rosemary (new recipe, read on) and fresh thyme.

IMG_0433 IMG_0440

The next day, chicken blazing on the grill and almost ready to eat, I realised I should have opened up the legs and wings as I wrestled them open to cook….most of the other parts were ready!


I also wanted to try ‘brick’  chicken

IMG_0630 IMG_0633

Using bricks we have stashed at the back. Not from this wall mind you…. I love this photo. Do you? Don’t you?


Eventually, everything cooked superbly well (supported by foil-wrapped bricks), with only a few burnt bits, promptly dispensed with at the table. I made sure that when I flipped the chicken over, I flipped the bricks too.

IMG_0636 IMG_0656IMG_0659 IMG_0662

Husband proclaimed it delicious, he could taste the marinade. I liked the taste of the mustard which was present but subdued, enhanced by the smokiness of the fire.


Daughters ate well, with the freshly boiled corn on the cob, one daughter hates boiled carrots and butter but  had to eat them as I slowly explained to her that boiled carrots were more nutritious than raw, which she loves and that butter helped the carrots ‘work in her body’. I’ve promised her a raw green salad at the next meal.

The other daughter loves corn, and is so so with other veggies but she ate it all.

Son ate bits.

Recipe for fridge-dried rosemary

Buy some fresh rosemary

Forget it in the fridge for weeks

When you remember, it will be dried

Still fragrant and perfect for recipes such as this.

Cupboard & fridge love… the highest!

BTW,  I tried to make my own mustard: disaster, it ended in the food bin. Back to the drawing board!

My family go back on Sunday….I’ll see if I can sneak something else in before then.

How are you? Enjoying the last of the summer wine.

Oh,  the grand draw of the food52/wholefoods summer contest is on – vote for me if you can! Thank you.

Lots of ♥.[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Cupboard Love: Barbecued Mustard Chicken – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


  1. Yes, I love the photo. But, I love the photo of the chicken more – and the idea of pressing it with the bricks to get that crispy grilled chicken flavour is a great reminder for me to do it NOW. The chicken looks like a really good one, and the final result is outstanding! I wish we were neighbours!

  2. Oh dear Ozoz, I LOVE your dried rosemary recipe. 🙂 You make me laugh!! And I love love love your fire pictures. They make me happy. 🙂

  3. I have a brick in my apartment but no grill. I used it on top of stove on my old grilling pan. Great post and your chicken loks finger liking good!

    • Blackcurrant mustard is a mix of Dijon mustard and blackcurrant puree/syrup. It is quite fruity and has a mild mustard flavour, perfect for sandwiches, marinades and salad dressings.

  4. Even though you are swamped…your post and food still are lovely! I’m glad you are able to spend this time with your family…it is so important!

  5. I really need to grill a whole chicken like that! The problem is remembering to do the overnight thing prior. I have a huge rosemary bush that I like to use to stuff in the cavity when roasting a chicken. Love rosemary with chicken and the mustard sounds like a perfect touch! I usually do my pantry cooking after hurricane season here! 🙂

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