An Ode To The ‘Real’ Chocolate Chip Cookie

by Kitchen Butterflyon April 22, 2015
You might think you know what a chocolate chip cookie is And that’s fine But just for the record Just for clarity’s sake…and peace too Let me tell you what it’s not A chocolate chip cookie is not Crunchy or crumbly all the way through Therefore it isn’t Maryland Or any other brand that does […]

Our Gingerbread House – Breaking into 2013

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 5, 2013
‘Make a gingerbread house. In February. Or at Easter. Whatever happens, before Christmas 2012!’ Well, we didn’t make it before Christmas 2012, but we certainly did it before January the first, 2013. I think it crowned the year for my entire family – as in husband, myself and the children as we built the gingerbread house from […]

Coming to America & Coconut Jam Drops

by Kitchen Butterflyon March 4, 2011
So I teased you in my last post about ‘Coming to America’. Its all part of my bubbling excitement because the fartherest west I’ve been is Barbados – I know, its not a bad bookend. Now, I am glad, just like Eddie Murphy was in his film version ‘Coming to America’.

Chocolate and Raspberry Macaron Mess

by Kitchen Butterflyon January 12, 2010
Macaron buddies, if you’ve ever had disasters whilst macaron-making; this is your moment of joy! Look no further for you will no longer have to bin them or eat them grudgingly or be annoyed at how cracked up they are.

The Cookies of Christmas past

by Kitchen Butterflyon December 27, 2009
One recipe. Numerous sources of inspiration. 4 cookies.

Scottish High Tea – fact or fable?

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 14, 2009
Does this really exist? As in Scottish High tea? Or is this another adorable Scottish  fable….like the Haggis sheep?  Personally, I don’t know what to make of it…considering that when I did a Google search, I got a mix of responses.  One, which had me reeling with laughter. Perhaps it does exist…after all…and is not a mere figment […]