Preserved Tangelo, Because ‘In Season

by Kitchen Butterflyon November 3, 2015
Because Tangelos are in season. And because I had some sea salt, had run out of my jar of preserved Meyer lemons and had time on my hands. I’ll let you know how it all tastes in a few weeks but I can guess the flavours would be bright and sunny. I bet. [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Preserved Tangelo, […]

The Anatomy of a Tangelo

by Kitchen Butterflyon October 29, 2015
I’ve always loved tangelos, bigger and juicier than regular tangerines, we would ‘import’ them to Warri and Port Harcourt whenever family came from Lagos and Ore in the west of the country. I always thought they were a cross between oranges and tangerines, I didn’t know till a few weeks ago that they are actually […]