Red Amaranth-Yaji Hummus


Everyone loves hummus in my family – that silken, thick puree of chickpeas.



Lately, I’ve taken to spiking mine with yaji – suya spice. The smoky, nutty flavours switches the hummus up and adds a kick.


In my red amaranth haze, craze, I blanched some – essentially washed and dipped into hot water till soft/ wilted – and blitzed this up with cilantro, green chilies, chickpeas, olive oil, tahini/sesame seed paste and a pinch of salt.

One might consider this beetesque and you wouldn’t be too far from it but less earthy – more vegetal, but only slightly so.


Really, it’s just pretty hummus, easy to whip up with a hint of spice and a punch of nutrients.


The end.

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