Made in Ghana: Midunu Chocolates


There are many things that soothe my soul – handcrafted, locally produced chocolate are some of them.


I fell in love with Ghanaian chocolate in 2011 – for the flavour, but also for the heritage contained in the brown and dark bars. And so these boxes, from Selassie of Midunu are extra extra special for many reasons:

  • Love of her work which is beautiful and gorgeously crafted
  • Sharing the stage with her on CNN African Voices Kitchen Crafters
  • And chocolates – two boxes and a limited edition, first ever box of Alasa – Agbalumo in [Yoruba], handmade for me. To celebrate my love for Agbalumo.


When we talk about artisanal, handmade, small batch, quality, delicious, well presented products, this is up there. The truffles journey around Africa from Ghana to Morocco and back again.


I loved the names and also the centres – varied and beautifully combined.


The Ghanaian 5-Spice [a uniquely African spice blend] with its warm, piquant notes of Prekese was one of my favourites in this box because the notes are very familiar but she’s taken it beautifully from savoury to sweet.


What a time to be alive 🙂 – to enjoy the wealth of cuisines and techniques and celebration of produce and products across Africa. 

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