Eight (8) Things I Learnt About Stockfish. Did you Know?

  1. That Nigeria is the world’s top buyer of Lofoten’s stockfish, eclipsing the once dominant Italian market by 20 per cent?
  2. That though cod is the most popular source of stockfish, haddock, saithe and tusk are also good sources, popular for the Nigerian market
  3. That it takes three months to dry stockfish? First, the head and guts – of which the liver goes to producing cod liver oil – are removed. The fish is then paired and tied at the tail – one way you’ll find it sold in Nigerian markets.  [#Mustread – Cod From Norway]
  4. That stockfish is considered very nutritious because the flavour and nutrients are concentrated as a result of the removal of up 85% water in the fish.
  5. That stockfish is one of the richest known sources of protein, essential B-vitamins, calcium, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids. No other high protein food product can boast of similar properties.
  6. That Norway has been exporting stockfish for over a thousand years and that Nigeria and Norway have had stockfish trade since the 1890s
  7. That in 2015, a Norwegian dried fish supplier was close to bankruptcy after currency controls imposed in Nigeria made it difficult for Nigerian importers to get sufficient foreign currency, putting the Norwegian market seriously at risk
  8. That in 2016, Norway exported almost 7000 metric tonnes of stockfish to Nigeria.

Needless to say, Nigeria and Norway, together for many more years!

Long live Nigeria

Long Live Norway

And Long Live Stockfish!

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