Video: My Favourite Aga Concept Omorogun & Tricky Corners

I have OCD. Without shame. Some things irk me, like unmixed chunks of flour in dough mixes.

Sometimes, it is my fault – the wrong bowl, wrong spoon, wrong time. In spite of these, when the stars align, I’m in heaven.

Some of my favourite things are square quart storage/ mixing bowls. They remind me of American chefs, like David Chang who store their fine creations in them. Pretty but sometimes, when I mix up flour and attempt to use my dough whisk, I get stuck. I end up with chunks and powder in the curved corners because the whisk can’t get in there and make a fine mixture of it.


Enter my omorogun (Turning stick) from Aga concept.

It wins on three counts:

  • long handled
  • flat sides
  • tapered end


And if that wasn’t enough, I made a video too 🙂

[youtube url=””]

What are your favourite kitchen utensils and why?
[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Video: My Favourite Aga Concept Omorogun & Tricky Corners – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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