Cookies of The World by Food52: #26 Nigerian Coconut Cookie Crisps

Last week, I received this email and my eyes were awash.

‘My friend forwarded your recipe/blog on the coconut cookies. First of all, I remember those! Second, Peugeot 504 – I hadn’t thought of that car in forever and I remember getting squished in the back seat as well! Third, my dad worked for the State Department and we were in Lagos during the Biafran War. I was in fourth and fifth grade and that was a long time ago and I have no idea what years those were! But I just wanted to thank you for the memories – the squishing, the cookies and all! I’ll have to check out your blog this weekend and connect some more dots! Have a great weekend!!’

I love what food does. What writing does to the heart, to the head, in forging connections. I like how connected we are by shared memories, but also how bold and caring people are in sharing how nostalgia has touched them. Thank you, M.


I can’t say it enough, how Food52 inspires me, how much I’ve grown as not only a cook but a food lover, one able to appreciate the diversity and similarity of dishes across cultures and cuisines.

#26 is mine :).

This December, I’m celebrating..jumping for joy because a recipe crafted from my childhood is featured in their amazing map-based 46 Cookies of The World feature


{Link – Travel Around the World with 46 Cookie Recipes (Cheaper than Airfare)}

I write about Coconut jam drops, about road trips and mothers, about tropical scents and flavours, about favourite things. And it is because of this, I receive the wonderful email in my opening lines.


{Link – #26 The Coconut Cookie That Takes Me Back to Childhood in Nigeria}

Head on over to Food 52 where there are awesome recipe from around the world to soothe your soul. Who knows, you might find a kindred spirit…and make new memories

xxx[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Cookies of The World by Food52: #26 Nigerian Coconut Cookie Crisps – – – [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

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